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senso sense, reasoning, direction, course
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sense n (of humour)  (de humor)senso sm
 Mel has a wonderful sense of humour.
 Mel tem um maravilhoso senso de humor.
sense n (practical intelligence)senso sm
 He doesn't have much common sense.
reason n (judgement)bom senso loc sm
  racionalidade, razão sf
 While others panic, he shows reason and calm.
sense n (reason)  (razão)bom senso loc sm
  tino, juízo sm
 He had the sense to go home before it started raining.
wisdom n (common sense)  (senso comum)bom senso, senso comum loc sm
 Current wisdom suggests we should avoid eating too much salt.
uncritical adj (not judgmental)desprovido de senso crítico loc adj
nous n UK, regional, informal (common sense)bom senso loc sm
  inteligência sf
commonsense adj (sensible, practical)  (sensato, prático)bom senso loc adj
  juízo adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
freak out vi slang (lose one's composure)emocionar-se demais, perder o bom senso loc v int
 When I tell my parents I'm quitting school, they are going to freak out.
horse sense n (common sense, practicality)senso prático, senso comum loc sm
moral sense n (conscience)senso moral loc sm
 It has been shown that even very young children have a strong moral sense, though they may lack the self-control necessary to always follow it.
common understanding n (mutual agreement)  (concordância de ideias)consenso sm
  senso comum
 We have reached a common understanding.
dry humour,
US: dry humor
UK (deadpan comedy)senso de humor cáustico loc sm
 The double-entendre is often an element of dry humor.
fashion sense n (instinct for what is stylish)senso de moda loc sm
 She has an innate fashion sense that allows her to spot the latest trends.
common sense senso comum
good sense bom senso
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