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sentença sentence, judgment, verdict
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term n (prison)  (prisão)sentença sf
 The thief was sentenced to a four-year term of imprisonment.
sentence n (law: judgment)  (julgamento)sentença sf
 After hours of debating, the jury reached a sentence.
 * The judge will pronounce sentence on the case in this afternoon.
sentence n (law: punishment)  (punição)sentença sf
 The prisoner faced a longer sentence if he did not confess.
 * He was given a heavy sentence.
sentence n (grammatical unit)  (gramática)sentença, frase sf
 The second sentence has a spelling error that needs correction.
 A segunda frase tem um erro de ortografia que precisa ser corrigido.
deal out justice v (judge: pass sentence on [sb])  (juiz)proferir a sentença
death knell n figurative (sign of imminent demise)sentença de morte
 The CD format sounded the death knell for cassettes.
full sentence n (duration of a prison term)  (prazo )sentença jurídica loc sf
 He won't have to serve the full sentence: he'll get time off for good behavior.
decree absolute n UK (law: certificate granting a divorce)  (jurid., )sentença de divórcio loc sf
 Only a month after receiving his decree absolute, he remarried.
pass judgment ditar sentença
  dar opinião apressada
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