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show show
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show n (theatre: play or musical)  (teatro)espetáculo sm
   (anglicismo)show sm
 We are hoping to see a show when we are in New York.
concert n (music: popular music)show sm
gig n slang (music)  (estrangeirismo: apresentação musical)show sm
show n US (TV programme)  (programa de TV)programa, show sm
 My favourite show on TV is on Wednesdays at eight o'clock.
 Meu programa (or: show) favorito na TV é às quartas-feiras , às oito horas.
showtime n (hour at which a performance begins)  (hora em que o espetáculo começa)hora do show loc sf
burlesque show n (cabaret, variety performance)show burlesco loc sm
entertainment industry n (show business)mundo do espetáculo loc sm
  show business estrang
 The economic crisis is even starting to affect the entertainment industry.
entire performance n (whole show)show inteiro loc sm
 He sat there picking his nose throughout the entire performance.
freak show n figurative (bizarre or exhibitionist display)show de horror loc sm
 Did you see that talent show on the TV last night? - what a freak show!
freak show n literal (circus act featuring deformities)  (literal)exibição de aberrações loc sf
  show de aberrações loc sm
 Bearded women were a staple of the traditional freak show.
magic show n (performance by an illusionist)show de mágica loc sm
 The children at the birthday party loved the magic show.
music performance n (concert of live music)apresentação musical loc sf
  show ao vivo loc sm
chart show n UK (tv, radio: pop music programme )  (programa musical em rádio ou TV)Chart Show
pretty as a picture um show, um espetáculo
   (gíria)lindo de morrer
steal the show roubar o show, a atenção
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