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sinal smsignal, sign nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
   (de trânsito)light nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
  mark nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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call n (signal)sinal sm
 Just give the call when you're ready to go.
light n (traffic light)  (semáforo)luz sf
   (S)sinaleira sf
  sinal sm
 The traffic stopped when the light turned red.
 O tráfego parou quando a luz ficou vermelha.
 O tráfego parou quando a sinaleira ficou vermelha.
 O tráfego parou quando o sinal ficou vemelho.
sign n (indication)  (indicação)sinal sm
 There are signs that it will storm tomorrow.
 Há sinais de que haverá uma tempestade amanhã.
sign n (symbol)  (símbolo)sinal sm
 The scroll was covered in signs that they could not understand.
sign n (indicative gesture)  (gesto indicativo)sinal sm
 He gave us a sign that he was all right.
sign n (gesture within sign language)  (gesto)sinal sm
 The deaf woman made a sign, indicating that she would drive.
sign n (sign language)  (língua de sinais)sinal sm
 Do you know the sign for "cat" in American Sign Language?
sign n (symptom)  (sintoma)sinal sm
  sintoma sm
 He is showing signs of diabetes.
sign n (mathematics: plus, minus, etc.)  (matemática)sinal sm
 Yes, three hundred, but what is the sign? Positive or negative?
US (animal tracks)  (rastro)sinal sm
 The rancher inspected the area for coyote signs.
mark n (punctuation)  (pontuação)sinal sm
 You need to put a punctuation mark at the end of every sentence.
 Precisa pôr um sinal de pontuação no final de cada frase.
statement n (situation that says [sth] strongly)  (indício forte)prova sf
  sinal sm
 The clothes she wears really make a statement about who she is.
signal n (radio signal)  (de rádio)sinal sm
signal n (to start)  (para começar)sinal sm
signal n (traffic light)  (de tráfego)sinal sm
hand signal sinal
show n (trace)  (traço)rastro, vestígio, sinal sm
  marca sf
 There was a show of blood on the pillow because he had had a nosebleed.
sound vtr (emit a sound)soar vt
   (de alarme)dar o sinal
 The firefighter sounded the alarm.
cross n (hand gesture: crossing the body)  (gesto: )sinal da cruz loc sm
 He made a cross as he entered the church.
green n (traffic light)sinal verde loc sm
 You must not drive until the green shows.
sign n (portent, presage)presságio, sinal sm
 The sign from the oracle made him take a different route.
sign [sth]
sign that
(use sign language to convey)fazer sinal loc vt
 He signed that he would prefer to meet at seven o'clock that evening.
 Ele fez sinal que preferia me encontrar às sete horas daquela noite.
sign vtr (mark with a cross)fazer sinal da cruz loc vt
 She signed herself when she entered the church.
tie n (musical notation)  (música)sinal de ligação loc sf
 To elongate the last note of the measure, there is a tie to the following half note.
warning adj (shot)  (tiro)tiro de aviso loc sm
  sinal de alerta loc sm
 The soldier fired a warning shot before advancing.
okay n informal (agreement, go-ahead)  (informal)sinal verde loc sm
  permissão sf
  consentimento sm
foreshadow vtr (presage, indicate)prenunciar, anunciar, vt
  ser um sinal de loc vp
lollipop n (crossing patroller's sign)  (sinal de trânsito em forma de pirulito)tabuleta sf
   (aviso de trânsito)aviso, sinal sm
indicator n (sign, indication)indicador, medidor, sinal sm
earmark n figurative (characteristic, sign)  (figurado)sinal de identificação loc sm
birthmark n (congenital skin blemish)sinal de nascença loc sm
combiner n (audio: combines input from different sources and divides it for distribution)  (áudio)combinador de sinal loc sm
nevus n (birthmark)  (marca de nascença)nevo, sinal sm
  pinta, mancha sf
alarm signal n (device making a warning sound)sinal de alarme loc sm
alarm signal n (warning sound)sinal de alarme loc sm
danger sign n figurative (indication or warning)sinal de perigo loc sm
 The current crisis was caused by the banks' refusing to heed the danger signs.
distress signal n (signal indicating need for urgent help)sinal de emergência
 'Mayday' is an emergency code word used internationally as a distress signal.
error signals npl ([sth] that indicates a fault)  (algo que indica erro)sinal de erro loc sm
 Error signals go off when the printer runs out of paper or ink.
negative sign n (bad omen)  (mau agouro )sinal negativo loc sm
 He was hopeful that they could still have a picnic, but the clouds forming overhead were a negative sign.
negative sign n (mathematical symbol: minus sign)  (símbolo matemático)sinal de menos loc sm
flare n (safely)sinal luminoso loc sm
  chama sf
mole n (on face, body)  (no rosto, corpo)pinta, verruga sf
  sinal de nascença loc sm
nod n (head motion)  (movimento da cabeça)aceno, sinal sm
plus n (symbol: +)sinal de mais loc sm
token n (symbol)símbolo, sinal sm
  prova, lembrança sf
be a sign of ser um sinal de
busy signal sinal de ocupado
equals sign sinal de igual
minus sign sinal negativo
  sinal de menos
red light sinal vermelho
  luz vermelha
traffic light sinal de trânsito
writing on the wall aviso, sinal de aviso
  advertência prévia
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