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Traduções principais
sinal smsignal, sign nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
  (de trânsito)light nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
  mark nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
  down payment nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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Traduções principais
mole n (spot on skin) (na pele)pinta sf
  sinal sm
 Kelsey had a mole on her face.
nod n (head motion) (movimento da cabeça)aceno, sinal sm
 Tom gave the audience a nod.
retainer n (advance fee) (por serviços)adiantamento sm
  sinal sf
 George paid the lawyer a retainer to secure her services for his court case.
token n (symbol)símbolo, sinal sm
  prova, lembrança sf
 The couple exchanged rings as a token of their love.
layaway n ([sth] reserved by paying a deposit) (pagamento como reserva)sinal sm
nevus n (birthmark) (marca de nascença)nevo, sinal sm
  pinta, mancha sf
heads up
US, informal (warning, notice)alerta sm
  aviso, sinal sm
 Mike gave the gossiping office workers the heads up that the boss was coming in so that they could look busy.
 O Mike deu um alerta aos funcionários fofoqueiros de que o chefe estava vindo, para que eles pudessem parecer ocupados.
signal n (sign, gesture)sinal sm
 Frederica's wink was a signal that all had gone according to plan.
deposit n (money: for security)depósito sm
  sinal sm
 The tenants paid the landlord a deposit in case of damages.
signal n (traffic light) (de tráfego)sinal sm
 There was almost an accident, when a driver ignored the signal at the level crossing.
cue n (hint, signal)sinal sm
  dica sf
 The band stood in formation, waiting patiently for the cue to march.
lollipop n (crossing patroller's sign) (sinal de trânsito em forma de pirulito)tabuleta sf
  (aviso de trânsito)aviso, sinal sm
sign n (indication) (indicação)sinal sm
 There are signs that it will storm tomorrow.
 Há sinais de que haverá uma tempestade amanhã.
bell n (signal: start, end of class)alarme sm
  sinal sm
 The students jumped out of their seats at the sound of the bell.
signal n (broadcast signal)sinal sm
 I'm having trouble getting a good signal on this old radio set; it's very crackly.
indicator n (sign, indication)indicador, medidor, sinal sm
 We look at several indicators to assess students' progress.
the cue for [sb] to do [sth] n (signal, prompt to action) (pronto para agir)sinal sm
 When the hostess yawns, that is the cue for her guests to leave.
deposit n (money: partial payment)parcela sf
  sinal sm
 Alice paid a deposit for the furniture in the store and agreed to pay the balance on delivery.
Traduções complementares
call n (signal)sinal sm
 Just give the call when you're ready to go.
 Dê o sinal quando estiver pronto para ir.
sign n (portent, presage)presságio, sinal sm
 The sign from the oracle made him take a different route.
sign n (symbol) (símbolo)sinal sm
 The scroll was covered in signs that they could not understand.
sign n (indicative gesture) (gesto indicativo)sinal sm
 He gave us a sign that he was all right.
sign n (gesture within sign language) (gesto)sinal sm
 The deaf woman made a sign, indicating that she would drive.
sign n (sign language) (língua de sinais)sinal sm
 Do you know the sign for "cat" in American Sign Language?
sign n (symptom) (sintoma)sinal sm
  sintoma sm
 He is showing signs of diabetes.
sign n (mathematics: plus, minus, etc.) (matemática)sinal sm
 Yes, three hundred, but what is the sign? Positive or negative?
statement n (situation that says [sth] strongly) (indício forte)prova sf
  sinal sm
 The clothes she wears really make a statement about who she is.
signal n (to start) (para começar)sinal sm
 The competitors in the race waited for the starter's signal.
pledge n ([sth] given as a token)mostra sf
  sinal sm
  promessa sf
  símbolo sm
 Rachel gave Carl a locket as a pledge of her love.
signal n (incitement to action)sinal sm
  (figurado)estopim sm
 Rising food prices were a signal for rebellion among the people.
token n (evidence)sinal sm
  símbolo sm
 The young man's honesty in pointing out the mistake was taken as a token of his overall good character.
US (animal tracks) (rastro)sinal sm
 The rancher inspected the area for coyote signs.
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Formas compostas:
alarm signal n (device making a warning sound)sinal de alarme loc sm
alarm signal n (warning sound)sinal de alarme loc sm
beacon n (signal fire)sinal luminoso loc sm
  fogueira sf
 The news of invading troops was often communicated via beacons on hills in ancient times.
beauty mark n US (mole on the face) (marca na face)sinal bonito sm
 One of the the most famous beauty marks is the one that Marilyn Monroe had on her left cheek.
birthmark n (congenital skin blemish)sinal de nascença loc sm
 Nicole's birthmark covers most of her left cheek.
busy signal n (buzz when dialled phone in use)sinal de ocupado loc sm
 I tried to call Pauline, but all I got was a busy signal.
combiner n (audio: combines input from different sources and divides it for distribution) (áudio)combinador de sinal loc sm
sign of the cross
(hand gesture: crossing body)sinal da cruz sf
 He made a cross as he entered the church.
danger sign n figurative (indication: [sth] bad)sinal de perigo loc sm
 The current crisis was caused by the banks' refusing to heed the danger signs.
distress signal n (signal indicating need for urgent help)sinal de emergência
 'Mayday' is an emergency code word used internationally as a distress signal.
earmark n (characteristic, sign) (figurado)sinal de identificação sm
error signals npl ([sth] that indicates a fault) (algo que indica erro)sinal de erro loc sm
 Error signals go off when the printer runs out of paper or ink.
foreshadow vtr (presage, indicate)prenunciar, anunciar, vt
  ser um sinal de loc vp
give the go-ahead for [sth] v expr informal (authorize [sth])dar o sinal verde exprexpression: Prepositional phrase, adverbial phrase, or other phrase or expression--for example, "behind the times," "on your own."
green n (traffic light)sinal verde sm
 You must not drive until the green shows.
green light n (traffic signal: go)sinal aberto sm
  farol aberto sm
  sinal verde sm
 We'll never make it to the green light in time.
green light n figurative (authorization to begin)sinal verde sm
 Today we got a green light from the director to begin the new project. The committee gave my project the green light.
green-light [sth] vtr figurative (authorize)dar sinal verde expres v
 The Federal Aviation Administration has green-lighted a request to extend the airport runway.
minus sign n (symbol: subtraction -)sinal de menos loc sf
 On a keyboard the minus sign and the hyphen are interchangeable.
negative sign n (bad omen) (mau agouro)sinal negativo loc sm
 He was hopeful that they could still have a picnic, but the clouds forming overhead were a negative sign.
negative sign n (mathematical symbol: minus sign) (símbolo matemático)sinal de menos loc sm
not a hint n (no sign, no indication) (informal, figurado)nem sinal expres
  (informal, figurado)nem o cheiro expres
 There was not a hint of any sugar in that sour pie.
not a trace n (no sign)nenhum sinal expres
 Come April, there is not a trace left of the snow. There is not a trace of any sugar in this tea.
ringing tone n (phone: sound indicating connection is made) (telefone)sinal de chamada loc sm
 I got a ringing tone, so the phone wasn't out of order.
school bell n (signal: start or end of class) (sinal avisando o início e fim das aulas)sinal escolar sm
  sino escolar sm
  campainha sf
 When the 8:00 school bell rings, students should be seated at their desks.
sign [sth],
sign that
(use sign language to convey)fazer sinal loc vt
 He signed that he would prefer to meet at seven o'clock that evening.
 Ele fez sinal que preferia me encontrar às sete horas daquela noite.
sign [sth] vtr (say in sign language)fazer sinal loc vt
  dizer em linguagem gestual loc vt
 The two signed their conversation so they wouldn't make noise.
signal n as adj (relating to a broadcast signal)do sinal loc adj
 Unfortunately, signal strength is poor here, so you won't be able to listen to the radio.
sound vtr (emit a sound)soar vt
  (de alarme)dar o sinal
 The firefighter sounded the alarm.
stop sign n (signal instructing drivers to brake) (sinal instruindo motoristas a parar)sinal de pare sm
  (informal)placa de pare sf
 It's very simple: if there's a stop sign, stop.
sure sign n (clear indication)indicação clara sf + adj
  claro sinal adj + sm
  informação clara sf + adj
 When she starts tapping her foot it's a sure sign she's angry.
thumbs up n informal (hand gesture: approval)sinal de positivo loc sm
  (informal)joinha sm
 As soon as you're ready, give me a thumbs-up.
tick n UK (check mark)marcação sf
  sinal de visto sm
tie n (music: line connecting notes) (música)sinal de ligação loc sf
 To elongate the last note of the measure, there is a tie to the following half note.
traffic light n usually plural (signal)sinal de trânsito, semáforo sm
 When the traffic lights turn red, you must stop.
traffic signal n (lights controlling traffic flow) (luzes que controlam o fluxo de trânsito)semáforo sm
  sinal de trânsito loc sm
 Traffic signals in the U.S. go from red to green to amber.
traffic signal n (lights controlling traffic flow) (luzes que controlam o fluxo de trânsito)semáforo sm
  sinal de trânsito loc sm
 Traffic signals in the U.S. go from red to green to amber.
warning sign n ([sth] that indicates danger) (algo que indica perigo)sinal de alerta loc sm
 Pains in the chest are a warning sign of heart attacks.
warning signal n ([sth] that indicates danger) (algo que indica perigo)sinal de alerta sm
 He ignored all the warning signals and carried on regardless.
warning signal n (alarm) (alarme)sinal de alerta sm
  alarme sm
 Because he was deaf he didn't hear the warning signal at the level crossing.
without a trace adv (leaving no indication or mark)sem deixar rastro loc adv
  sem deixar sinal loc adv
  sem deixar pista loc adv
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