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sistema smsystem nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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system n (organized mechanical parts)sistema sm
 The system works through a set of interlocking wheels.
system n (nervous, digestive, lymphatic, etc.)  (nervoso, digestivo, linfático,etc.)sistema sm
 The doctor diagnosed the problems his patient was having with his nervous system.
 O doutor diagnosticou os problemas que o paciente estava tendo com seu sistema nervoso.
system n (organized approach)  (abordagem organizada)sistema sm
 We have a system for fixing this problem. You must follow it step by step.
 Temos um sistema para consertar este problema. Você deve segui-lo passo a passo.
system n (scientific principles)sistema sm
 You must understand each phase of the binary system if you want to pass the exam.
system n (classification)  (classificação)sistema sm
 We have developed a system to classify animal species.
 Desenvolvemos um sistema para classificar as espécies de animais.
system n (political)sistema sm
 The capitalist system is failing many people.
system n (prevailing political situation)sistema sm
 The current system of government gives extremists too much power.
system n (computer setup)  (computador)sistema sm
 My system is about four years old. I think it is time for a new computer.
system n (gravitational)  (gravitacional)sistema sm
 There are twelve planets in this system.
weight n (system of measuring weight)sistema de peso loc sm
 What weight do you work in? Metric or Imperial?
MIS n abbr (management information system)  (Sistema de Informações Gerenciais)SIG abrev
  sistema central de informação loc sm
apparatus n (system)sistema, aparelhagem sm
configuration n (computing: setup, installation)  (informática)configuração sf
  ajuste de sistema loc sm
OS n abbr (computing: operating system)  (informática)sistema operacional loc sm
accreditation n (education: qualification)  (educação: qualificação)sistema de reconhecimento loc sm
  credenciamento sm
waterworks n literal (water supply system)sistema de distribuição de água loc sm
  encanamento sm
logoff n (disconnecting after computer session)  (inf.: desconectar)logoff sm
  saída do sistema loc sf
logon n (accessing a computer)  (inf.: acessar)logon sm
  entrada no sistema loc sf
logout n (disconnecting after computer session)  (inf.: saída )logout sm
  saída do sistema loc sf
troy n (system of weight for gemstones)  (usado por joalheiros)sistema troy loc sm
alarm system n (system emitting sounds when intruders enter)sistema de alarme loc sm
 Following a burglary, I had an alarm system installed.
amortization schedule n (accounting: depreciation schedule)  (contabilidade)sistema francês de amortização loc sm
binary arithmetic n (calculations made using 0 and 1)sistema binário loc sm
buddy system n (pairing, co-operation)sistema de cooperação
 We use a buddy system for swimming, so you are always with a partner.
(change from one system to anther)mudar de um sistema para outro loc v int
 It takes three weeks to make the assembly line changeover for a new model.
digestive system n (anatomy: alimentary canal)  (anatomia)sistema digestivo loc sm
 The purpose of the digestive system is to turn the food we eat into fuel for our bodies.
drainage system n (apparatus for removing excess water)sistema de drenagem loc sf
 They're laying down a drainage system in the lower field.
drop out,
slang (withdraw from conventional society)romper com o sistema, romper com o estabelecido
 In the 60's, like so many young people in that era, he dropped out for a while and went to live in a hippy commune.
legal system n (judicial structures and processes: law)  (direito: )sistema jurídico loc sm
 Our legal system seems to place more value on property than on human life.
metric system n (decimal weights and measures)sistema métrico loc sm
 Road signs in the UK do not use the metric system.
nervous disorder n (anxiety or panic attack)  (ansiedade, ataque de pânico)transtorno de ansiedade loc sm
  desequilíbrio do sistema nervoso loc sm
 He suffers from a nervous disorder that prevents him from going out much.
nervous system n (anatomy: brain and nerves)  (Anat:)sistema nervoso loc sm
 He had a disease of the nervous system that gradually resulted in a complete loss of mobility.
nonlinear system n (system which is not straightforward)sistema não linear loc sm
cog in the wheel,
cog in the machine
figurative (small part of a large system)  (pequena parte de sistema grande)peça no sistema loc sf
  peça na engrenagem loc sf
 He's just a cog in the wheel, not a leader.
drainage facilities npl (equipment that suctions off water)sistema de drenagem loc sm
dry lining system n (type of damp proofing)sistema de revestimento loc sm
circulatory system sistema circulatório
frame of reference sistema de referência
honor system sistema de honra
log on   (computador)dar entrada no sistema
merit system sistema de mérito
sign out assinar registro de saída
   (informática)desconectar-se de um sistema
train stop sistema mecânico que pára o trem
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