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sociedade society
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interest n (finance: ownership)  (participação no controle acionário)interesse sm
  sociedade sf
 He has a financial interest in this company and may lose all his money.
society n (people living together)sociedade sf
 They joined the society of artists living at the commune.
society n (a community)sociedade sf
 In our society it is impolite to not thank your hosts.
 Em nossa sociedade, é falta de educação não agradecer seus anfitriões.
society n (high society, upper class)sociedade sf
 The debutante was presented to society at her sweet sixteen party.
guild n (club)  (clube)grêmio sm
  sociedade sf
fashion n (high society)alta sociedade loc sf
 She thinks she is better than us, and likes to associate with the fashion.
society adj (relating to high society)da sociedade loc adj
 The society ladies wouldn't talk to you if you were not in their group.
social adj (of polite society)da alta sociedade loc adj
 The social classes always have plenty of extravagant parties.
Incorporated adj (corporation: in company name)sociedade anônima loc adj
inc adj abbr (business: incorporated)  (abreviatura: incorporated)sociedade, corporação sf
articles of association npl (business: regulations about shareholders)  (negócios)estatuto da sociedade, contrato social loc sm
 The voting rights of shareholders are explained in the articles of association.
humane society n (organization against human or animal suffering)  (organização contra sofrimento humano e animal)sociedade humana loc sf
 The humane society's members protested against the city's policy of trapping and euthanizing stray dogs and cats.
civil society n (unofficial institutions that make up society)  (instituições não oficiais da sociedade)sociedade civil loc sf
consumer society n (materialistic culture)sociedade de consumo loc sf
 The United States has been a consumer society for way too long.
fabric of society n figurative (shared moral and cultural values)estrutura da sociedade loc sf
 Drugs are beginning to tear the fabric of our society apart.
high society alta sociedade
jet set alta sociedade
jet setter pessoa da alta sociedade
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