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dreamy adj informal (person: attractive)  (pessoa: atrativa)dos sonhos loc adj
dreamy adj informal (wonderful)  (informal)dos sonhos loc adj
dreamily adv (in a vague way)  (de modo vago)em sonhos loc adv
dreamland n figurative, informal (sleep)país dos sonhos loc sm
dream job n informal (desired or ideal occupation)emprego dos sonhos, emprego ideal
 My old job was a nightmare but this one's truly a dream job.
interpretation of dreams n (analysis of the meaning of dreams)interpretação de sonhos
 Sigmund Freud was a psychoanalyst who pioneered the interpretation of dreams.
dream wedding n figurative (lavish wedding ceremony)casamento dos sonhos loc sm
 Her dream wedding would be in Hawaii.
dreamcatcher n (religion, superstition: type of mobile)caçador de sonhos loc sm
 I tie a dream catcher to the ceiling above my bed to 'catch' nightmares before they reach me in my sleep.
dream girl garota dos sonhos
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