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sopa soup, broth; easy task
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soup n (liquid food)sopa sf
 Do you want some noodle soup for lunch?
 Você quer sopa de macarrão no almoço?
broth n (cooking)caldo sm
  sopa sf
tablespoon n (large spoon)colher de sopa loc sf
tablespoon n (liquid measure: 15ml)  (medida)colher de sopa loc sf
cinch n informal (sthg easy )  (coisa fácil, informal)canja, sopa sf
   (brasil.)café pequeno loc sm
chowder n (type of soup, stew)sopa cremosa loc sf
   (estrangeirismo)chowder sf
soupspoon n (utensil used for eating soup)  (utensílio para sopa)colher de sopa loc sf
alphabet soup n (soup containing pasta letters)sopa de letrinhas loc sf
 My two-year old niece will only eat alphabet soup.
clam chowder n (creamy soup containing clams)  (sopa norte-americana )sopa de mariscos
 New England clam chowder has a potato cream soup base and Manhattan clam chowder has a clear tomato broth base.
egg drop soup n (egg flower soup, Chinese soup containing eggs)  (sopa chinesa )sopa de ovos loc sf
 A typical appetizer on a Chinese restaurant menu is egg drop soup.
egg flower soup n (egg drop soup, Chinese soup containing eggs)  (sopa chinesa com fios de ovo)sopa de ovos loc sf
 In San Francisco it's almost obligatory to start lunch with egg flower soup.
chicken noodle soup n (chicken pieces and noodles in broth)sopa de galinha loc sf
 There's nothing better than chicken noodle soup when you're not feeling well.
clear broth n (colourless soup)caldo sm
  sopa rala loc sf
 Starting 8 hours before the surgery, his wife fed him only clear broth.
corn chowder n US (thickened soup containing maize)sopa de fubá loc sf
French onion soup n (soup with caramelized onions)sopa francesa de cebola loc sf
 I like a broiled cheese crust on French onion soup.
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