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sozinho advalone adv
 lonely adj
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hand n (agency)mão sf
 sozinho adv
 I did it by my own hand.
 Eu fiz isso com as minhas próprias mãos.
 Eu fiz isso sozinho.
alone adj predicative (on one's own)sozinho adj
 George has been alone since his wife died.
all alone sozinho
on its own por si mesmo
alone adv (do [sth] by oneself)sozinho, só adj
 I washed the car alone.
 Eu lavei o carro sozinho (or: só).
alone adv (without others)só, sozinho adj
 I was alone for a few hours today, so I read a book.
 Estive só (or: sozinho) por algumas horas hoje, então li um livro.
lonely adj (emotions: isolated)sozinho, isolado, só adj
 The island was beautiful, but I felt lonely there.
 A ilha era bela, mas me senti sozinho (or: isolado) por lá.
lonely adj (sad because isolated) triste porque isoladosozinho, solitário adj
 He is a lonely person, but can't make any friends.
unsupported adj (without anyone's assistance)desamparado, sozinho, só adj
by itself adv (on its own)por si mesmo, sozinho loc adv
 I think I'll wear this dress by itself, without its matching jacket.
do [sth] on your own vi (do [sth] by yourself, without help)fazer algo sozinho
 It's about time you got your own place and learned to manage on your own.
leave me alone interj (go away)vá embora!, me deixe sozinho! interj
 Stop picking on me! Just leave me alone!
live alone vi (not cohabit, reside by oneself)morar, viver sozinho loc v int
 After many years of flat-sharing, it is a luxury to live alone.
be home alone vi (child: be left unsupervised) sem supervisãoestar em casa sozinho loc v int
 Since Billy's parents were out for the day, he was left home alone.
do all the talking deixar alguém falar sozinho
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