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sucesso smsuccess nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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go n informal (success)sucesso sm
 They really made a go of it.
hit n informal (success)  (resultado favorável, êxito)sucesso sm
   (que faz sucesso)hit sm
 The film was a hit with teenagers.
 O filme fez sucesso entre os adolescentes.
hit n (successful pop song)  (canção pop bem-sucedida)sucesso sm
   (gíria: grande sucesso)estouro sm
 His new song is a massive hit.
 Sua mais nova canção é um grande sucesso.
 Sua mais nova canção é um estouro.
success n (satisfactory outcome)  (resultado satisfatório)sucesso sm
 The project was a success because the customer was happy.
 O projeto foi um sucesso porque o cliente ficou feliz.
success n (wealth and popularity)  (riqueza e popularidade)sucesso sm
 You could see his success by the size of his house.
 Você podia medir o sucesso dele pelo tamanho de sua casa.
success n (successful person)sucesso sm
 He became a success though his ice cream shop.
succeeding n (success)sucesso sm
smash n (entertainment: success)sucesso sm
big adv slang (with notable success)com sucesso loc adv
 She went to Hollywood and made it big.
perform vi (succeed)ter sucesso loc v int
 The salespeople need to perform or they lose their jobs.
succeed vi (be successful, triumph)ter êxito/ sucesso loc v int
  triunfar v int
 He succeeded in running a business.
 Ele teve êxito (or: sucesso) em dirigir uma empresa.
 Triunfou dirigindo uma empresa.
succeed vi (accomplish)ter sucesso loc v int
 She succeeded in many areas.
arrive vi (to attain success)ter sucesso loc v int
   (gíria)chegar lá loc v int
 When David got the promotion, he felt that he had finally arrived.
episode n (instance, recurrence)episódio, caso sm
  fato, sucesso sm
sleeper n (unexpected success)sucesso inesperado loc sm
bestselling adj (very successful commercially)de grande sucesso loc adj
  de best-seller loc adj
(flair)  (estilo)notoriedade sf
  brilho, sucesso sm
parlay v (use an asset or talent to achieve success)explorar o sucesso loc v int
achieve success v (become successful)alcançar o sucesso loc vt
big hit n (great success)grande sucesso loc sf
 Max's spaghetti Bolognese was a big hit with his girlfriend.
big hit n (very popular song)grande sucesso loc sf
 'Take Me Out' by Franz Ferdinand was one of the big hits of 2004.
brilliant success n ([sth] successful)grande sucesso loc sm
 My brother is a brilliant success at business, but he is sorely lacking in social graces.
brilliant success n (great achievement)grande sucesso loc sm
 His performance at Carnegie Hall was a brilliant success.
critical success n (book, play, etc. popular with reviewers)sucesso de crítica loc sm
 Though the play was a critical success, very few people went to see it.
go over vtr informal (be received well)  (ser bem recebido)ser aceito loc v int
  ter sucesso loc v int
 I hope that my speech goes over well at the meeting tonight.
great success n ([sth] or [sb] very successful or popular)grande sucesso loc sm
 The trade show was a great success, attracting a large number of visitors.
have it made vi slang (be successful)ter sucesso loc v int
have it made vi (have guarantee of success)ter garantia de sucesso loc v int
 Get a good degree at Oxford or Cambridge and you've got it made!
make a go of it v slang (make it successful)ter sucesso, ter êxito loc v int
 If we work hard on our relationship, we can make a go of it.
not make out vi (not do in something: business)  (negócio)não ter sucesso loc v int
educational achievement n (academic success)sucesso acadêmico loc sm
  desempenho escolar loc sm
 When applying for a job, don't lie about your educational achievement.
be a hit ser um sucesso
be a success ser um sucesso
be an instant success ser um sucesso instantâneo
best seller sucesso de vendas
come off   (mancha)sair
   (plano)ter sucesso, dar certo
  soltar-se,desprender-se (de algo)
meet with success ter sucesso
pan out conseguir
  ter sucesso
   (câmera)abrir o foco
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