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surpresa surprise, astonishment, amazement
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surprise n (unexpected event)  (evento inesperado)surpresa sf
 The call from his long-lost brother was a genuine surprise.
 A ligação de seu irmão distante foi uma surpresa genuína.
surprise n (emotional reaction to a surprise)  (reação emocional à surpresa)surpresa sf
 Her surprise at the party showed on her face.
 A surpresa dela com a festa transparecia no seu rosto.
surprise n (catching [sb] unawares)  (pegar alguém desprevenido)surpresa sf
 The surprise went well. He had no idea that they were going to do that.
 A surpresa deu certo. Ele nem imaginava que eles iriam fazer aquilo.
surprise interj (greeting to party)  (cumprimento para festa)surpresa interjinterjection: Exclamation--for example, "Oh no!" "Wow!"
 Surprise! Happy birthday!
 Surpresa! Feliz aniversário!
treat n ([sth] special: food)  (comida especial)surpresa sf
  agrado sm
 We have a treat for the kids after dinner.
wonder n (cause of amazement)surpresa sf
 This baby has been such a wonder for us.
surprise vtr (be unexpected)  (ser inesperado)surpreender vt
  pegar de surpresa
 The cold weather at the beach really surprised us.
 O tempo frio na praia realmente nos surpreendeu.
surprise vtr (catch)surpreender vt
  pegar de surpresa loc vt
 The police surprised the burglars with the money in their hands.
surprise vtr (attack by surprise)atacar de surpresa loc vt
  surpreender vt
 The enemy surprised them early in the morning.
rush vtr (charge)tomar de surpresa loc vt
  atacar vt
 The army rushed the enemy.
spoiler n (information that spoils a surprise)estraga-surpresa, desmancha-prazeres sm
blindside [sb]
figurative (make an unexpected attack on)pegar de surpresa loc vt
creep up on vtr literal (approach stealthily)  (secretamente, furtivamente)chegar de surpresa
 She startled her sister by creeping up on her and shouting "Boo!"
dark horse n figurative (secretive person)caixinha de surpresa loc sf
 You're such a dark horse! - you never told me you'd got married.
come as a surprise ser uma surpresa, ser algo inesperado
glory be! que surpresa!
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