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técnico smtechnician, coach n
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doctor n slang ([sb] who repairs)técnico sm
 The computer doctor came by and fixed the problem.
engineer n (skilled person)técnico sm
 He was a sheet metal engineer.
technical adj (of technology) relativo à tecnologiatécnico adj
technical adj (subject, conversation) tema, conversatécnico adj
technician n (computers) informáticatécnico sm
technician n (for device) para um aparelhotécnico sm
technician n (workman) trabalhadortécnico sm
coach n (sports)técnico, treinador sm
 The coach showed the boys how to throw the ball.
 O técnico (or: treinador) mostrou aos garotos como arremessar a bola.
tech n abbr, informal (technical college)colégio técnico loc sm
millwright n US ([sb] who maintains and repairs machines in factory or mill)técnico industrial loc sm
computer technician n ([sb] who repairs computers) alguém que conserta computadorestécnico em computação loc sm
 I think we're going to have to call a computer technician to help us out.
computer technician n ([sb] who offers technical support with computers) computadorapoio técnico loc sm
laboratory technician n ([sb] who assists in a laboratory)técnico de laboratório loc sm
maintenance man n (man who carries out repairs) pessoa que cuida da manutenção zelador, técnico sm
 Call the maintenance man right away - the radiator's leaking all over the floor!
football coach n (trainer and manager of a soccer team)treinador de futebol loc sm
 técnico de futebol loc sm
football coach n US (trainer of American football team)técnico de futebol americano loc sm
football manager n (coach of soccer team) futeboldiretor técnico loc sm
expert n (person)perito, técnico, especialista sm
dental technician técnico dentário
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