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tarefa sftask nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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job n (task)serviço sm
  tarefa sf
 I have a little job for you, if you have five minutes.
 Eu tenho um pequeno serviço para ti, se tiveres uns cinco minutos.
 Tenho uma pequena tarefa para ti, se tiveres uns cinco minutos.
task n (thing to be done)  (coisas para fazer)tarefa sf
  trabalho sm
   (informal)coisa sf
 I have ten tasks that I need to complete today.
 Tenho dez tarefas que preciso terminar hoje.
  O chefe me deu muito trabalho para fazer.Esta frase não é uma tradução do inglês.
 Tenho dez coisas que preciso terminar hoje.
task n (duty, role)tarefa sf
 His task was to restock the shelves at the shop.
chore n (boring task)  (entediante)trabalho sm
   (entediante)tarefa sf
assignment n (continuing obligation)obrigação, tarefa sf
 His principal assignment is general maintenance.
hard job n (difficult task)tarefa difícil, dura loc sf
 In this recession, we're going to have a hard job persuading the boss to spend money on new computers.
nasty job n (unpleasant task)tarefa desagradável loc sf
 Cleaning the bathroom is a nasty job, but it must be done weekly.
assign a task to [sb] v (allocate a job to [sb])designar uma tarefa a loc vt
 Because she was a new employee, I assigned a task to her that was not difficult.
dual task
dual task
(involving two simultaneous actions)tarefa dupla loc sf
a tall order tarefa difícil
division of labor divisão de tarefa
do your duty faça a sua tarefa
work up to [sth] abordar algo (tarefa difícil ou objetivo) de maneira gradual
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