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Traduções principais
ter vthave vtrtransitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat."
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Traduções principais
written, abbreviation (Tuesday) (terça-feira)Ter abrev
 Are you free next Tue?
hast v pres archaic (have: 2nd person singular)ter vt
 Jesus is said to have cried out on the cross, "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?"
 É dito que Jesus chorou carregando a cruz, "Meu Deus, meu Deus, por que tens me abandonado?"
have [sth] vtr (own)ter vt
 He has a big house and two cars.
 Ele tem uma casa grande e dois carros.
possess [sth] vtr (own)possuir vt
  ter vt
 Jane is carrying everything she possesses in the bag on her back.
have [sth] vtr (feature: possess)ter vt
 She has a very strong personality. The program has a delete button.
 Ela tem uma personalidade muito forte. O programa tem um botão de deletar.
possess [sth] vtr (have as a feature)possuir vt
  ter vt
 The house possesses many character features, such as original fireplaces.
there pron (introductory pronoun) (verbo impessoal: existir)haver v impess
  (informal)ter vt
 There is a way.
 Há uma maneira.
 Tem uma maneira.
have to do [sth] v expr (must)ter vt
 I have to finish my homework.
 Tenho que acabar o meu dever.
have [sth] vtr (suffer from) (neste momento)estar vt
  ter vt
 She has the flu right now.
 Ela está com gripe.
 This sentence is not a translation of the original sentence. Ela tem síndrome de Down.
have [sth] vtr (experience)ter vt
 She's on holiday and having a great time.
 Ela está de férias e tendo momentos muito felizes.
be vi (condition: age) (idade)ter vt
 Robert is ten years old.
have [sb] vtr (children, siblings: be related to)ter vt
 They have two daughters and a son.
 Eles têm duas filhas e um filho.
have [sth] vtr (mentally: have in mind)ter vt
 She has a lot of plans.
 Ela tem muitos planos.
sport [sth] vtr figurative (have: [sth] visible)ter vt
 James is sporting a black eye after his fight with Bob.
have [sth] vtr (obtain)ter vt
 Could I have another cup of tea, please?
 Eu poderia tomar outra xícara de café, por favor?
Traduções complementares
have v aux (used in perfect tenses)ter v auxauxiliary verb: Helping verb--for example, "She is running." "It has been lost."
 I've been waiting here for hours.
 Eu estive esperando aqui por horas.
have vi (be wealthy) (ser rico, ter bens)ter v int
 Those who have don't always understand those who have not.
have got to do [sth] vtr informal (must)ter vt
Nota: only in present perfect
 I have got to leave now.
 Eu tenho que ir embora agora.
have [sth] vtr (receive)ter vt
 Have you had your exam results yet?
 Você já tem o resultado do seu exame?
have [sb] vtr slang (have sex with)ter vt
 He's never had a girl before.
 Ele nunca teve uma mulher antes.
have [sth] done vtr (arrange, cause)ter vt
 I need to have my car fixed.
have [sth] vtr (permit, allow)ter vt
 He won't have such behaviour in his presence.
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Formas compostas:
aim high v expr figurative (aspire to do well)ter altas ambições loc v
 He'll have to aim high if you want to get grades that are good enough to do Medicine at university.
bear in mind vtr (consider, take into account)ter em mente loc vt
 Bear in mind that we already have an enormous sum invested in the project.
blank out vi phrasal informal (not remember) (BRA, coloquial)dar um branco loc v int
  (POR, coloquial)ter uma branca loc v int
 When I tried to remember my client's name, I just blanked out.
catch up with [sb] vtr phrasal insep informal, figurative (repay: with [sth] bad)ter consequências loc vt
 Finally, his unhealthy habits caught up with him and he became very sick.
 Finalmente, os maus hábitos dele tiveram consequências e ele adoeceu.
desire vtr (want)desejar vt
  ter vontade loc vt
 If you desire it enough, you can learn a new language.
 Se realmente desejares isso, tu consegues aprender uma nova língua.
 Se realmente tiveres vontade, conseguirás aprender uma nova língua.
do well vi (be successful)ter êxito, ser bem-sucedido
 He's doing very well in his new job.
favourably disposed toward,
favourably disposed towards
UK (like: [sb](gostar de alguém)ter boa disposição para com exprexpression: Prepositional phrase, adverbial phrase, or other phrase or expression--for example, "behind the times," "on your own."
fiend for vi + prep slang (crave, desire)ter vontade de loc verb
  (BR, gíria)ter larica de loc verb
 After a long night out Peter started to fiend for some pizza.
frightened of [sb/sth] adj + prep (scared of)ter medo de loc verb
 It's quite common to be frightened of spiders.
get right vtr informal (be correct about)ter razão, estar certo de loc vt
 Let me repeat it back to you to make it sure I got it right.
got to
slang (got to) (gíria)ter que, ter de loc vt
have a chance vi (be able to succeed at [sth](oportunidade de ter sucesso)ter uma chance loc v int
 We have a chance of winning if we can carry on at this rate.
have a chance vi (be given the opportunity to do [sth](ganhar oportunidade)ter uma chance loc v int
 If I have a chance I will try and win.
have a corner on vtr idiom (own enough of to control market) (no mercado)ter o monopólio loc v int
  monopolizar vt
 I tried to have a corner on the silver market by buying low priced contracts, but I failed miserably.
have a discussion vi (converse, discuss, debate)ter uma discussão loc v int
 We need to have a discussion about where to vacation this year.
have a feeling that vtr (suspect that) (conjeturar, supor, presumir)ter a sensação de loc vt
 I have a feeling that it will rain this afternoon.
have a job vi (be in employment) (ter ocupação)ter um emprego loc v int
have a job vi slang (experience difficulty: doing [sth](ao fazer algo)ter dificuldade loc v int
 You'll have a job convincing him to give you a raise.
have a run in with,
have a run-in with
informal (quarrel with) (inf., brigar, disputar com)ter um arranca-rabo com loc vt
 I had a run-in with my brother yesterday over whose turn it was to borrow the car.
have a theory vi (believe or suspect [sth](acreditar, suspeitar)ter uma teoria loc v int
 I have a theory that cats are more intelligent than dogs.
have an account with vtr (bank with) (conta bancária)ter conta em loc vt
 I have an account with Lloyds Bank.
have an account with vtr (have a credit account with: a business) (conta num estabelecimento)ter conta em loc vt
 I have an account with the university bookshop on the High Street.
have an eye for [sth] v expr informal (notice)ter olho clínico loc v int
 The painter has an eye for detail.
have an idea vi (invent or devise [sth](inventar ou planejar algo)ter um plano, ter uma ideia loc v int
 I have an idea that will surprise you.
hope vi (feel that sthg may occur)ter esperança loc v int
 I don't know if it will work, but we can always hope.
intend vtr (have in mind)ter em mente loc vt
 Whatever you intend for disaster relief, you need to tell your staff.
matter vi (be important) (ser significativo ou ter valor, interesse)importar, interessar v int
  ter importância loc v int
 It doesn't matter to me if it's sunny or not. I still want to go to the beach.
mean to do [sth] v expr (intend)tencionar vt
  pretender vt
  ter a intenção de loc vt
 I'm sorry. I never meant to hurt you.
miss [sb]
(long for: [sb])sentir, ter saudades loc vt
  sentir falta loc vt
 The children miss their father when he is away on business.
 As crianças sentem (or: têm) saudades do pai quando ele está fora a trabalho.
 As crianças sentem falta do pai quando ele está fora a trabalho.
miss [sth]
(long for: [sth])ter saudades loc vt
  sentir falta loc vt
 I miss the mountains of home.
move vi (sell merchandise) (mercadoria)ter saída loc v int
 The new merchandise isn't moving.
must v aux (obligation, have to) (obrigação, ter que)dever vt
  (probabilidade)dever vt
  (sugerir, aconselhar)ter que loc vt
 You must get a new driving licence.
 Você deve tirar uma carteira nova de motorista.
 This sentence is not a translation of the original sentence. Você deve estar com fome.
 This sentence is not a translation of the original sentence. Você tem que provar aquele bolo!
must v aux (be obliged to) (ter a obrigação)dever vt
  ter de loc vt
 I must attend court on Monday or I will be arrested.
must v aux (feel obligation to) (por obrigação)precisar vt
  ter de loc vt
 I must phone Julie later. I promised I would.
must v aux (be expected to) (que se espera de)precisar, dever vt
  ter de loc vt
 You must always finish your work on time for this teacher.
must v aux (is it necessary) (ser necessário)ter que loc vt
 Must you always sing that stupid song?
must v aux (should: strong)dever vt
  ter de loc vt
 You must report these things to the police.
occur vi (enter the mind)ocorrer v int
  ter uma idéia loc vt
 Did it occur to you that she might object to this?
 This sentence is not a translation of the original sentence. Quando vi as fotos de sua viagem, tive a idéia de viajar também.
orgasm vi (reach sexual climax)ter um orgasmo loc verb
  (formal)atingir o orgasmo loc verb
  (gíria, vulgar)gozar v int
 Bill couldn't orgasm during sex, only during foreplay.
overdose vi figurative (experience too much of sthg) (fig.,)ter overdose loc v int
overlap vi figurative (have [sth] in common) (parcialmente)coincidir v int
  ter algo em comum loc verb
 These two theories overlap.
overlook [sth] vtr (have a view of) (informal)dar para vt + prep
  ter vista para loc verb + prep
 Our bathroom window overlooks the neighbour's garden.
pity vtr (feel compassion for) (sentir compaixão por)ter pena, ter dó loc vt
  sentir pena loc vt
 I pity those who are young when their parents die.
 Tenho pena (or: tenho dó) de quem, ainda jovem, perde os pais.
 Sinto pena de quem, ainda jovem, perde os pais.
pity vi (feel compassion)compadecer-se v int
  ter pena loc v int
 Whether you choose to pity or condemn, consider the result.
rest vi (remain, be)ter certeza loc v int
 Rest assured that I'll be there.
score vi slang, figurative (have sex)ter relação sexual loc v int
  (gíria)transar v int
 Did you finally score with her last night?
sprog v UK, slang (have a baby) (gíria)ter um filho loc v int
stock vtr (carry merchandise)ter em estoque vt
 We stock a wide selection of musical instruments.
 Temos uma ampla variedade de instrumentos musicais em estoque.
succeed vi (be successful, triumph)ter êxito/ sucesso loc v int
  triunfar v int
 He succeeded in running a business.
 Ele teve êxito (or: sucesso) em dirigir uma empresa.
 Triunfou dirigindo uma empresa.
succeed vi (accomplish)ter sucesso loc v int
 She succeeded in many areas.
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