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teste smtest, experiment nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
  qui z nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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check n (test)teste sm
 You need to run a check on the system.
test n (examination)  (exame)teste sm
  prova sf
 I have a German test today, and hope I get good results.
 Tenho um teste de alemão hoje e espero ter bom resultado.
 Tenho uma prova de alemão hoje e espero ter bom resultado.
test n (quiz)teste sm
 The teacher gave the pupils a fun test to help with their maths.
test n (analysis)  (análise)teste sm
 The scientists are going to run their tests.
 Os cientistas vão fazer os testes.
test n (measurement)  (medida)teste sm
 Let me just make a test of this driveway.
tryout n (sports trial)  (esporte)teste sm
  prova sf
experiment n (test)experiência sf
  teste sm
quiz n (small exam)teste sm
  pequeno exame loc sm
testing n (product, before release)  (de um produto antes do lançamento)teste sm
testing n (tests)teste sm
test vi (undergo testing)ter teste, fazer prova loc v int
 Next Friday we are going to test.
trial n (experimental attempt)experimentação, tentativa sf
  teste, ensaio sm
 They tested the device in a controlled trial.
assay n (report, assessment)teste, informe sm
  análise sf
retrial n (second test)nova tentativa loc sf
  novo teste loc sm
achievement test n (school: assessment)  (escola: avaliação)teste de conhecimentos loc sm
 She performed at the 95th percentile on the math achievement test.
acid test n literal (chemistry: litmus test for acidity)  (química)teste ácido loc sm
alpha test n (computing: first test of a product)versão alfa loc sf
  teste alfa loc sm
aptitude test n (test of innate ability for [sth])teste de aptidão loc sm
 Aptitude tests suggest that I should be a gardener or an archaeologist.
beta test n (computers: quality control trial)  (computação)teste beta loc sm
 Although participants in a beta test get new software before anyone else, they must accept that it may not work properly.
beta test n (psychology: intelligence test)  (psicologia)teste de inteligência loc sm
cervical smear n (medical test on health of cervix)teste de Papanicolau loc sm
 During a cervical smear test, some cells are scraped from the cervix.
chi-square test n (mathematics: )  (matemática)teste qui-quadrado
 We will use a chi-square test to see if the actual statistical distribution fits the theoretical distribution.
intelligence test n (test to measure intelligence)teste de inteligência
 In the past, all school students had to take an intelligence test.
intelligence testing n (using IQ tests to measure intelligence)  (usar teste de QI )teste de inteligência
 The child sat intelligence testings to determine whether he was or not a genius.
laboratory test n (scientific experiment or analysis)  (experimento)teste de laboratório loc sm
literacy test n (exam in basic reading and writing)  (teste de leitura e escrita básica)teste de alfabetização loc sm
 All students have to pass a basic literacy test before they can be accepted onto the course.
animal testing n (vivisection)teste em animal loc sm
 I don't agree with animal testing, especially for cosmetics.
clinical trial n (controlled testing)teste clínico loc sm
 They're asking for volunteers for clinical trials of a new drug.
dummy run n (trial or practice)teste simulado loc sm
  ensaio sm
  simulacro sm
 This is just a dummy run to make sure everything's in working order.
conduct an experiment v (test [sth] scientifically)fazer um teste loc vt
  proceder a um teste loc vt
diagnostic test n (procedure for detecting disease, problems)teste diagnóstico loc sm
 An MRI is an example of a diagnostic test.
DNA testing n (genetic profiling)teste de DNA loc sm
 She used DNA testing to trace her genealogy.
dope test n (test for drugs in the body)teste de droga loc sm
  exame toxicológico loc sm
drug screening n (testing for traces of a substance)teste de droga loc sm
  exame toxicológico loc sm
 I consider the drug screening tests an intrusion into my personal privacy.
drug test n (screening for traces of a substance)teste de droga loc sm
  exame toxicológico loc sm
 At the Olympics, athletes must undergo a drug test to check that they have not consumed performance-enhancing drugs.
free trial n (sample of [sth] at no charge)teste grátis loc sm
 If you want to check our new vehicles, just give us a call and we'll schedule a free trial.
examination n (doctor)exame, teste sm
examination n (test, exam)exame, teste sm
  prova sf
SAT n US (college admission exam)  (EUA: )teste de avaliação para admissão na universidade loc sm
   (equivalente ao vestibular no BR)vestibular sm
put to the test pôr a teste
road test   (para verificar o estado do veículo)teste de pista
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