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shower vi (bathe in a shower bath)tomar banho loc v int
 He showered after going to the gym.
wash vi (oneself)banhar-se, lavar-se vp
  tomar banho loc v int
 I'd like to wash before dinner.
bathe vi (wash self)banhar-se vp
  tomar banho loc v int
have a shower vi (wash oneself under water spray)tomar banho, tomar uma chuveirada loc v int
 I think I'll go and have a shower.
bath night n (evening scheduled for a bath)noite de tomar banho loc sf
 Before there was running water in the farmhouse, bath night was on Saturday, after all the week's work was over.
bathe vi (in sunlight)tomar banho de sol loc v int
sunbathe vi (tan self)tomar banho de sol loc v int
  pegar sol loc v int
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