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toque touch, contact, playing (music), handshake
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feel n (quality perceived by touch)sensação sf
  toque sm
 I like the feel of silk on my skin.
 Eu gosto da sensação da seda na minha pele.
feel n (touching with a hand)toque sm
 I love this velvet. Have a feel.
handle n (feel of a fabric)toque sm
 This velvet has a lovely handle to it.
ring n (sound of a bell)  (som de uma campainha)toque sm
 The ring of the bell woke me up.
 O toque da campainha me acordou.
ring n (act of ringing)toque sm
 The class starts at the ring of the bell.
touch n (contact)  (contato)toque sm
 His touch comforted him.
 O seu toque o confortava.
touch n (sense)toque sm
 He has no sense of touch in his fingers.
touch n (sensation, the way [sth] feels)  (sensação)toque sm
 Many people like the touch of silk.
touch n (small amount)pitada sf
  toque sm
 I added a touch of cinnamon to the recipe.
touch n (style type)  (tipo de estilo)toque sm
 The designer from Milan added an Italian touch to the room.
 O designer de Milão deu um toque italiano ao quarto.
touching n (act of touching)toque sm
grope n slang (sexual feel, fondle)  (gíria)carícia sexual loc sf
  toque sm
   (brasileirismo)agarra sf
toot n (sound of a horn)  (de buzina)toque sf
tinge n (hint of flavour)  (traço de sabor)toque sm
ringtone n (telephone's ringing sound)toque de chamada loc sm
   (de telefone)toque sm
toque n (close-fitting hat)  (chapéu feminino, de copa arredondada)toque sm
feel n (sense of touch)tato, toque sm
 Without electricity, he had to move by feel.
turn n figurative (style)  (estilo)arranjo, toque sm
 The stylist gave the dress a modern turn.
touch n (stroke of a pencil, etc.)toque de pincel loc sm
 The penman put a bold touch on every serif.
five n slang (hand slap)  (gíria: cumprimento com mão aberta)toque de mão loc sm
 Give me five!
 * Toca (or: bate) aqui!
ringing n (act of ringing bells)  (ato de tocar sinos)toque, repique sm
   (literário)tangimento sm
reveille n (military: wake-up signal)  (militar)toque de alvorada loc sm
touchstone n figurative (reference point)  (critério)pedra de toque loc sf
capstone n figurative (crowning achievement)toque final loc sm
  coroamento sm
petting n (touching)afago, toque sm
  carícias sf pl
cachet n (sign of quality or prestige)  (sinal de qualidade ou prestígio)toque de classe loc sm
drumbeat n (rhythm of a drum)  (de tambor)rufo, toque, batuque sm
keystroke n (act of tapping on a computer key)  (o ato de teclar)toque de tecla sm
touchscreen n (device with touch-sensitive screen)tela sensível ao toque loc sf
  tela de toque loc sf
touchscreen adj (with touch-sensitive screen)com tela sensível ao toque loc adj
bugle call n (military call played on a bugle)toque de clarim loc sm
 Reveille is a famous bugle call that wakes up military personal at dawn.
final touches npl (last details added to [sth])  (últimas adições)toque final, últimos detalhes loc sm
final touches npl (embellishments)  (enfeites)toque final, últimos detalhes loc sm
 She spent the whole morning putting the final touches on her window display.
finishing touches npl (last details added to [sth])  (últimos detalhes)toque final loc sm
 I'm putting the finishing touches to the icing on the wedding cake.
finishing touches npl (embellishments)  (adorno, embelezamento, enfeites)toque final loc sm
 The fresh flowers and beautiful music were the finishing touches for the dinner party.
grace note
figurative (summarizing embellishment to a film, story,)toque final loc sm
  chave de ouro loc sf
hand play n (sexual touching)toque sexual loc sm
curfew n (time limit)  (tempo limite)toque de recolher loc sm
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