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tornar v int  (voltar)turn, return viintransitive verb: Verb not taking a direct object--for example, "She jokes." "He has arrived."
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turn vtr (change colour)  (mudar de cor)tornar vt
 In autumn, the leaves turned brown.
turn [sth] into [sth]
(render)tornar vt
 The brewer turns the grain and hops into beer.
become vi (grow to be)tornar-se vp
 That client is becoming quite a problem.
 Aquele cliente está se tornando um problema e tanto.
come vi (reach a state, condition)  (alcançar uma condição)tornar-se v p
  virar vt
   (verbo de ligação)ficar v pred
 How did you come to be a marine biologist?
 Como tu te tornaste uma bióloga marinha?
 Como tu viraste uma bióloga marinha?
 Esta camiseta não vai ficar limpa.
make vtr (become)tornar-se vp
 Hard work will let you make something of yourself.
run vi (become)tornar-se vp
 The tap ran dry.
amount vi (become)tornar-se v p
 He was told he would never amount to much.
full vi (moon: become full)  (lua)tornar-se cheio loc vp
 The moon will full tonight.
release [sth]
(publish: official statement)  (oficial)publicar vt
  tornar público loc vt
  dar vt
 The government released a statement denying the scandal.
master vtr (become expert in)tornar-se um especialista loc vt
  tornar-se perito loc vt
 He mastered heart surgery in only 2 years.
 Ele tornou-se um especialista em cirurgia de coração em apenas dois anos.
sensitize vtr (photography: make light-sensitive)  (fotografia)tornar sensível à luz loc vt
endear vtr (make lovable)tornar benquisto loc vt
  tornar estimado loc vt
pall vi (become tiresome)tornar-se enfadonho loc vp
reapply vtr (put on again)reaplicar vt
  tornar a aplicar loc vt
reassert vtr (state or affirm again)reafirmar vt
  tornar a afirmar loc vt
roughen vtr (make rough)tornar áspero loc vt
coarsen [sth]
figurative (make or become less refined)  (figurativo)tornar-se grosseiro loc vp
spiff vtr (make attractive)tornar atraente loc vt
windproof [sth]
(make resistant to the wind)tornar à prova de vento loc vt
become a habit v ([sth] grows accustomed, routine)tornar um hábito loc v
 They say if you do something for fourteen days in a row, it becomes a habit.
become public v (come to be known by all)tornar público loc vt
 The comedian was afraid that if her sexual orientation became public, her career might suffer.
block up vi (become clogged, obstructed)tornar um obstáculo
 Our shower drain got blocked up with my long hair.
brighten up vtr (make cheerfully attractive)  (tornar atrativo)tornar agradável loc vt
 A little blush and some highlights in your hair, dear, will do wonders to brighten you up.
come true v (become reality, happen for real)tornar realidade
 When she was young she believed that all her dreams would someday come true.
even out vi (become flatter, more level)  (tornar-se mais plano, reto)tornar-se aplanado loc vp
fall into disuse vi (become obsolete)tornar-se obsoleto loc vp
 8-track tape players fell into disuse when cassette recorders appeared.
get confused vi (become mentally disordered)tornar-se perturbado loc vp
 Speak to him slowly - he gets confused very easily.
get confused vtr (fail to distinguish between)tornar-se confuso loc vp
go stale vi (food: lose freshness)  (comida:)tornar-se seco, velho, rançoso loc v int
 If you leave the wrapper open, the bread will go stale very quickly.
incline [sb] towards vtr (give [sb] a tendency to)inclinar alguém a
  tornar propenso a
make innocuous vtr (render harmless or inoffensive)tornar inócuo loc vt
 Stella used nearly half a can of air freshener to make the stale smell innocuous.
make known vtr (publicize, reveal)tornar público loc vt
 I've always made my opinion known - it's no secret that I don't like him.
make legal vtr (legalize, decriminalize)  (legalizar, descriminalizar)tornar legal loc vt
 Do you think marijuana should be made legal?
make public vtr (publicize, reveal)tornar público loc vt
 Their affair was made public when they were seen together holding hands.
make [sb] responsible for [sth] v (put [sb] in charge of [sth])  (alguém)tornar responsável por algo loc vt
 He was promoted at work and made responsible for the new export business.
make [sth] more attractive v literal (improve the appearance of [sth])  (embelezar)tornar mais atraente loc vt
 I'm going to paint the outside of the house to make it more attractive to buyers.
make [sth] more attractive v figurative (make more appealing)  (figurativo)tornar mais atraente loc vt
 I'm going to offer a free car with the house to make it more attractive to buyers.
make [sth] more difficult v (complicate [sth])  (complicar)tornar mais difícil loc vt
 Cluttered surfaces make cleaning difficult.
dumb down vtr phrasal sep informal (present in less educated way)tornar mais fácil loc v int
dumb down vi phrasal informal (present [sth] in less educated way)tornar mais fácil loc v int
execute vtr (legal: duties)validar vt
  tornar válido loc vt
flatten vi (music)  (música)tornar grave loc v int
gray vi (hair, person)  (cabelo)agrisalhar v int
  tornar grisalho loc v int
sober vi (become sober)tornar-se sóbrio loc v int
tense up adj ([sb]: become tense)ficar tenso loc vt
  tornar tenso loc vt
become attached to tornar-se apegado a
become conscious of tornar-se cônscio de
come alive   (algo)tomar vida, tornar algo mais interessante
  anime-se !
dying out tornar extinto
see the light entender a verdade, perceber
  sair para o mundo
  tornar-se famoso
smarten up tornar mais sábio
  embelezar, animar
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