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trás after, behind, back
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after adj (aeronautics: farther aft)na parte de trás loc adv
 There's a bullet hole in the after part of the plane.
back vi (move backward)mover para trás
 He backed into the parking space.
back n (rear of)traseira sf
  parte de trás
 I can sit in the back of the car and you can sit in the front.
 Posso sentar na traseira do carro e tu podes sentar na frente.
back n (part of [sth] covering the back)na parte de trás
 The company's logo will appear on the shirt back.
distance vtr (to leave behind, outrun)  (deixar pra trás)ultrapassar, distanciar vt
  deixar para trás loc vt
 The Swedish runner had distanced everyone before the end of the first lap.
backwards adv (towards the back)para trás loc adv
fro adv (back, away: to and fro)para trás loc adv
   (expressão: to and fro)para cá e para lá loc adv
backtrack vi (change one's mind)  (mudar de idéia)retroceder, recuar v int
  dar para trás exprexpression: Prepositional phrase, adverbial phrase, or other phrase or expression--for example, "behind the times," "on your own."
straggle vi (fall behind other walkers)ficar para trás loc vt
  molengar v int
back bench n UK (junior members of Parliament, as a group)  (membros inferiores do Parlamento)banco de trás loc sm
back bench adj UK (of a junior member of the British Parliament)  (INGL, )do banco de trás loc adj
fall behind vi (fail to keep up)ficar para trás, perder terreno loc v int
 If I don't study for two hours every night, I risk falling behind with my class work.
get left behind vi literal (not keep up with others)  (não manter o passo com outros)ficar para trás loc v int
 Fit and experienced hikers should stay at the back of the group to ensure no-one gets left behind.
get left behind vi figurative (not adapt quickly enough)  (não se adaptar)ficar para trás loc v int
 I got left behind when the Digital Revolution started.
look back vi literal (look behind)  (literal)olhar para trás loc v int
 Don't look back. Whatever's chasing you might be gaining on you. (Satchel Paige) .
not look back vi literal (not glance behind)  (literal)não olhar para trás loc v int
not look back vi figurative (not dwell on the past)  (figurativo - não pensar no passado)não olhar para trás loc v int
off stage
(backstage)por trás dos bastidores loc adv
back and forth adv (to and fro)de um lado para outro loc adv
  para frente e para trás loc adv
 They went back and forth over the same arguments a hundred times.
fall behind vi phrasal (fail to maintain pace)  (não manter o passo)ficar para trás loc vt
   (expres., )perder terreno loc vt
lag vi (behind in studies)  (nos estudos)ficar para trás loc vt
lag vi (in race)  (na corrida)ficar para trás loc vt
back door porta de trás
behind closed doors por trás de portas fechadas
behind his back por trás das suas costas
behind the scenes por trás das cortinas
  nos bastidores
go backwards voltar para trás
hang back ficar para trás
lag behind mover-se lentamente
  ficar para trás
leave behind deixar para trás
spring back saltar para trás
without looking back sem olhar para trás
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