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Traduções principais
trabalhar work, strive, perform, struggle
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Traduções principais
employment n (being in work)trabalhar v int
 University graduates often have little idea of what to expect when they begin employment.
take a job v expr (accept employment)aceitar um emprego expres
  (informal)trabalhar vt
 She needed money so badly that she took a job as a waitress in a seedy bar.
work vi (be employed)trabalhar v int
 He works at the bank.
 Ele trabalha no banco.
work vi (toil)trabalhar v int
 He worked into the night.
 Ele trabalhou noite adentro.
put in vtr phrasal sep informal (work) (trabalhar)trabalhar vt
  (informal)pôr mãos à obra expres
 I put in 15 hours today.
labor to do [sth] (US),
labour to do [sth] (UK)
v expr
(work to achieve [sth])trabalhar vt
man vtr (staff) (pessoal)trabalhar vt
  (náutica)tripular vt
  (máquina)operar vt
 My friends and I manned the booth at the fair.
 Meus amigos e eu trabalhamos na barraca da feira.
 This sentence is not a translation of the original sentence. O navio era tripulado por vários marinheiros.
 This sentence is not a translation of the original sentence. Você deve operar os motores com atenção.
Traduções complementares
serve as
(spend time: in a duty)trabalhar vt
 I served as a medic for ten years.
serve vi (work as a waiter) (trabalhar como garçom)trabalhar v int
 He has been serving at that restaurant for two years.
work [sth] vtr (fashion by work)trabalhar vt
 The carpenter works the pieces into a table.
work [sth] vtr (land, be a farmer)trabalhar vt
 The farmer worked the land.
serve [sth/sb] vtr (work for)trabalhar vt
 She served the company well for twenty-five years.
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Formas compostas:
bust a gut v expr US, slang, figurative (try very hard)matar-se, arrebentar-se vp
  trabalhar como escravo loc vt
 Don't bust a gut trying to get this place tidy by lunchtime.
 Não se mate (or: se arrebente) tentando limpar esse lugar até a hora do almoço.
commute to vtr (travel to: for work, school)comutar para trabalhar
 Because she lives in the suburbs she has to commute to the city for work.
crank [sth] up,
crank up [sth]
vtr phrasal sep
slang, figurative (intensify, increase)redobrar esforços loc vt
  trabalhar com afinco loc vt
 They will never win the match if their offense doesn't crank up the pressure a bit.
DJ vi informal, initialism (work as a disk jockey)trabalhar como DJ loc v int
 Sam is a banker, but on the weekends he DJs at a club.
double as [sth] vi + prep (do in addition) (formal)fazer as vezes de loc verb
  também trabalhar como, também agir como loc verb
  também servir como loc verb
 The director doubles as an actor in this movie.
fag vi UK (work for older pupil)trabalhar para aluno mais velho loc verb
 William was fagging for Simon, so he had to make sure Simon's room was clean every day and make toast for Simon's afternoon tea.
handle [sth] vtr (trade)trabalhar com expres v
 This shop only handles designer furniture.
labor against [sth] (US),
labour against [sth] (UK)
vi + prep
(work to prevent)trabalhar contra v int + prep
 We must continue to labor against this discrimination.
labor under [sth] (US),
labour under [sth] (UK)
vi + prep
used in expressions (mistakenly believe)trabalhar sob v int + prep
Nota: Commonly followed by: the illusion, the misapprehension, a mistaken belief, etc.
 The company is labouring under the illusion that it can take shortcuts to get the results it wants.
nanny vi (watch children)trabalhar de babá loc vt
 Vanessa spent a year nannying before she went to college.
push oneself v (strive hard, do one's utmost) (trabalhar duro, dar o máximo de si)dar o máximo de si loc v int
  (gíria)ralar v int
  trabalhar duro loc v int
 Olympic athletes sometimes push themselves too hard when training, and cause injuries to themselves.
put [sb] to work v expr (give a job, task to)colocar para trabalhar expres
report vi (news: describe)trabalhar como repórter loc v int
 The war correspondent was becoming tired of reporting and wanted to write poetry instead.
return to work v expr (go back into employment)voltar a trabalhar expres
 My sister retired three years ago, but she has returned to work.
safe place to work n (not dangerous)lugar seguro para trabalhar expres
set [sb] to work v expr (cause to start doing [sth])colocar para trabalhar expres
 The manager set the new employee to work filing invoices.
slave vi figurative (work very hard)trabalhar como escravo expres
 Janet slaved over her homework and she got an A.
slave away at [sth] vi phrasal + prep informal (work hard at) (trabalhar duro em)esforçar-se em vp + prep
  trabalhar duro em expres v
  dedicar-se a vp + prep
 He slaved away at his paper all week, but he got it done on time.
slog vi informal (work very hard)mourejar v int
  trabalhar duramente loc v int
  trabalhar arduamente loc v int
 The team slogged all night to finish the project.
supply vi UK (serve as a substitute)substituir v int
  trabalhar como substituto loc v int
 I don't work full-time, but supply during the holiday period.
sweat blood v expr figurative, informal (work extremely hard) (trabalho extremamente difícil)trabalhar duro vt + adv
  (informal)suar a camisa loc vt
 I sweat blood for that woman - I don't know what more she could expect.
temp vi abbreviation, informal (work as a temp)trabalhar como temporário expres
 Students often temp during university vacations.
work as [sth] vtr phrasal insep (make a living as)trabalhar como vt + conj
 Right now I am working as a waitress, but I want to be an actress.
work as a team v expr (co-operate)trabalhar em equipe expres
 If we work as a team we'll finish much sooner.
work at [sth] vtr (put great effort into)trabalhar em vt + prep
 We are currently working at finding ways to become more environmentally friendly.
work for [sb/sth] vi + prep (be employed by)trabalhar para vt + prep
 I work for the government.
work for [sb] vi + prep (do tasks or jobs for [sb])trabalhar para vt + prep
work from home vi (do one's job from one's own house)trabalhar em casa expres
work in [sth] vi + prep (trade, profession) (profissão)trabalhar em algo vi + prep
 My husband works in accounting, and I work in technical services.
work like crazy v expr slang (work extremely hard) (informal)trabalhar feito louco expres
  trabalhar demais expres
 We've worked like crazy to beat that nearly-impossible deadline you set.
work like mad v expr slang (work extremely hard) (informal)trabalhar feito louco expres
  trabalhar demais expres
 They were working like mad, trying to finish the stocktake before the shop opened in the morning.
work on [sth] vtr phrasal insep (put effort into)trabalhar em vp + prep
 You really need to work on controlling your temper. I really need to work on my patience.
work one's ass off v expr slang, figurative, vulgar (work extremely hard) (informal, figurado, trabalhar demais)suar a camisa expres
  trabalhar demais expres
  (informal)dar duro expres
work to a deadline v expr (aim to finish task before allotted date)trabalhar dentro de um prazo expres
work to a tight deadline v expr (aim to finish task in short time)trabalhar com prazo apertado expres v
work together vi + adv (co-operate)trabalhar em equipe v int + adv
  trabalhar em grupo v int + adv
 We'll finish the job more quickly if we work together.
work with [sb] vi + prep (be a colleague of) (ser colega de trabalho de)trabalhar com vt + prep
 I have worked with Debbie for eight years now.
work with [sth/sb] vi + prep (be an employee of)trabalhar com vt + prep
 I work with the sales team.
work with [sb] vi + prep (cooperate with)trabalhar com vt + prep
  cooperar vt
 Please work with your neighbors to lower crime in the neighborhood.
work with [sth] vi + prep (materials: use) (materiais: usar)trabalhar com vt + prep
  usar vt
 Stefan is a craftsman who works with iron and gold.
work with,
replacce: work with [sth]
vi + prep
(use [sth] available: tool, information)trabalhar com vt + prep
  usar vt
 You need to work with the materials you have.
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