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transformar transform, alter, change
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become vtr (change into)transformar vt
 The caterpillar became a moth.
turn [sth] to [sth]
turn [sth] into [sth]
(transform)transformar vt
 You turn my sadness to joy.
convert vtr (change over)transformar vt
convert vtr (change, alter)transformar vt
change [sth]
(transform)transformar-se v p
 The caterpillar changed itself to become a butterfly.
 A lagarta se transformou em borboleta.
change vi (be transformed, modified)transformar-se v p
 The larva changed into an adult.
turn into
(become)transformar-se vp
 She turned into a fine young woman.
turn from [sth] into [sth]
(change shape)transformar-se vp
 With exercise, she turned herself from a fat ball into a honed running machine.
develop vi (grow & change)transformar-se vp
 She developed into a beautiful young lady.
 Ela se transformou numa linda jovem.
promote vtr (chess)  (xadrez)transformar em figura loc vt
 The pawn was promoted to queen.
translate vtr (convert)converter, transformar vt
 We need to translate our energy into success.
transform vtr (change completely)transformar, mudar vt
transform vtr (convert)transformar, converter, transfigurar vt
transform vi (undergo a transformation)converter-se, transformar-se, transfigurar-se vp
change into vtr (be converted, transformed into)transformar, transfigurar, metamorfosear em vt
 If you kiss a frog it just might change into a handsome prince.
act out representar
  transformar em ação
develop into transformar-se em
shift into transformar em
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