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transmitir vttransmit vtrtransitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat."
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send vi (transmit a signal)transmitir v int
 The data is still sending.
air vtr (show)  (mostrar)transmitir vt
 All of the networks will air the debate.
convey vtr (suggest)  (sugerir)transmitir vt
 This passage conveys a suspenseful tone.
project vtr (convey)transmitir vt
 How can I project this concept to you?
transfer [sth] to [sb]
(transmit)transmitir vt
 He transferred all his knowledge to his replacement at work.
hand on vtr (pass on, transmit)transmitir vt
 I always hand on my favourite books to my sister.
broadcast vtr (TV, radio)  (programa)transmitir vt
message vtr (send as a message)  (enviar como mensagem, repassar)comunicar, transmitir loc vt
 I messaged the information to him.
message vtr (send a message to)  (enviar mensagem a, divulgar)comunicar, transmitir loc vt
 I messaged him, and should hear back in a few days.
convey vtr (transmit)transmitir, conduzir vt
 These pipes convey water to the boiler.
convey vtr figurative (communicate)  (comunicar)expressar, transmitir vt
 He has difficulty conveying his thoughts to the rest of the group.
 Ele tem dificuldade em expressar (or: transmitir) o que pensa para o resto do grupo.
stream vi figurative (computers)  (computador)transmitir, distribuir vt
 The video streamed from the website to my computer for 45 minutes.
flag vtr (signal)  (com bandeiras)transmitir mensagens loc vt
 Ships use coloured bunting to flag messages to one another.
impart vtr (knowledge: share)  (conhecimento)transmitir, partilhar vt
transmit vtr (data: send)  (dados)transmitir, enviar vt
transmit vtr (disease: spread)  (doença)transmitir, propagar vt
transmit vtr (radio, TV: broadcast)  (rádio, TV)transmitir, emitir vt
bequeath vtr figurative (hand down)legar, transmitir vt
hand [sth] on vi (pass on or transmit [sth])legar, transmitir v int
 Can you hand it on to her when you've finished with it please?
communicate vtr (send message)comunicar, transmitir vt
radio vtr (use two-way radio)transmitir por rádio loc vt
  radiotransmitir vt
signal vi (communicate sign)transmitir-se vp
put across fazer aceitar ou compreender
  conseguir algo por fraude ou trapaça
  transmitir, expressar
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