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transporte smtransport, transportation nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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carryover n (amount carried forward)  (comercial)transporte sm
transport n (bus, etc.)transporte sm
transport n (moving [sb] or sthg)transporte sm
transport n (science fiction)transporte sm
transport n (shipping)transporte sm
transport n (transportation)transporte sm
transportation n (moving things or people)transporte sm
UK: bussing
(transportation by bus)  (transporte de ônibus)transporte rodoviário loc sm
portage n (transport of cargo)transporte de carga loc sm
trucking n US (transporting goods by truck)transporte por caminhão loc sm
air ambulance n (aircraft for medical emergencies)transporte aeromédico loc sm
 Helicopters were used as air ambulances during the Vietnam War.
air transport n (use of aircraft for travel or cargo movement)transporte aéreo loc sm
 The goods were packed and shipped today for air transport to Taipei.
air transport n (aircraft used for travel or cargo movement)transporte aéreo loc sm
cargo transport n (freight-carrying transport)transporte de carga loc sm
common carrier n (company providing freight service)transporte público loc sm
  empresa de transportes
 That company is a common carrier both in California and Nevada.
freight traffic n (transport that carries cargo)transporte de carga loc sm
freight transport n (trains, trucks, etc. that carry cargo)transporte de carga loc sm
heavy transport n (large haulage vehicles)transporte pesado loc sm
 Heavy transport was banned from passing through the village, because the vibrations were undermining the older houses.
means of transportation npl (form of transport)meios de transporte loc sm pl
 The underground is the quickest means of transport in London.
 If you take away my car, I'll have no means of transportation.
military transport n (army vehicles)  (veículos militares)transporte militar loc sf
carriage charges npl (freight costs)custos de transporte loc smpl
 The total cost of your purchase includes carriage charges.
common carriage n (public transport and freight business)  (transporte público e frete)transporte público loc sm
Airborne Transporte Aéreo loc sm
shipping n (transportation: boat)transporte marítimo loc sm
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