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back n (rear of)traseira sf
  parte de trás
 I can sit in the back of the car and you can sit in the front.
 Posso sentar na traseira do carro e tu podes sentar na frente.
tail n (rear)traseira sf
 The truck hit the tail of the car.
aft adj (nautical: back)  (náutica:)traseira adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
  de popa, de ré loc adj
rear n (behind)traseira sf
  fundo sm
tailgate n (vehicle: board at back)  (parte detrás dum veículo)guarda-traseira sf
hatchback n (rear door of car)  (de carro)porta traseira loc sf
tailboard n (gate at rear of a vehicle)  (de veículo)tampa traseira loc sf
taillight n (rear lamp of a vehicle)lanterna traseira loc sf
  luz traseira loc sf
tailpiece n (end part)parte traseira loc sf
hind leg n (animal's back leg)  (de um animal)perna traseira loc sf
 The horse had a small scratch on its hind leg.
hind quarters npl (animal's back end)  (de um animal)parte traseira loc sf
 He slapped the horse on its hind quarters and it took off into the night.
back end n (rear part)parte traseira loc sf
 He cruelly likened her appearance to the back end of a bus!
tail lights lanterna traseira
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