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tratamento smtreatment nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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deal n informal (treatment)tratamento sm
 They were unhappy with the deal they had received.
treatment n (medical)  (médico)tratamento sm
 He went into hospital for treatment.
 Ele foi para o hospital para tratamento.
treatment n (literature)  (literatura)tratamento sm
  abordagem sf
 I like this book's treatment of children.
fare n (food and drink)comida sf
  tratamento sm
handling n (care moving)manejo sm
  tratamento sm
treatment n (handling)  (acolhida)tratamento, trato sm
 No one can expect to receive special treatment.
 Ninguém pode esperar receber tratamento (or: trato) especial.
treatment n (behaviour)  (comportamento)tratamento, procedimento sm
  conduta sf
 Your treatment of that dog is unacceptable.
treatment n (art)  (arte)tratamento, uso sm
 The artist's treatment of light is very eye-catching.
facial n (beauty treatment)tratamento facial loc sm
aftercare n (care after medical treatment)  (cuidados posteriores a uma intervenção)pós-tratamento sm
untreated adj (not given medical attention)sem tratamento loc adj
beauty treatment n (cosmetic procedure)tratamento de beleza loc sm
cancer treatment n (medicine or procedure to treat cancer)tratamento de câncer
 Radiation and chemotheraphy are the usual treatments for cancer.
form of address n (title used in writing or speaking to [sb])  (título usado na fala ou escrita)formas de tratamento loc sf pl
 In England, the correct form of address for a duke is "your Grace".
healing art n (alternative or holistic treatment)  (tratamento holístico)tratamento alternativo loc sm
 Acupuncture is an example of a healing art.
medical care n (treatment by a medical professional)tratamento médico loc sf
 The local clinic provides top notch medical care.
medical treatment n (attention of a medical professional)tratamento médico loc sm
 The crash survivors required medical treatment.
alternative medicine n (complementary or homeopathic treatments)tratamento alternativo loc sm
drug therapy n (treatment with pharmaceuticals)tratamento medicamentoso loc sm
 They decided to treat her cancer with an aggressive combination of radiation and drug therapy.
emergency care n (urgent medical attention)tratamento médico emergencial loc sm
 The paramedics gave emergency care at the scene of the accident.
preferential treatment tratamento preferencial
raw deal tratamento injusto
snake pit hospício que dá tratamento rígido e desumano aos pacientes
  ninho de cobras
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