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ultrapassar surpass, exceed; pass over; overtake
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outstrip vtr (excel, surpass)ultrapassar vt
outstrip vtr (go faster than)  (ir mais rápido)ultrapassar vt
postdate vtr (mark with a later date)  (agendar para data posterior)postergar, adiar, procrastinar vt
  procrastinar v int
  ultrapassar vt
outdistance vtr (go further than)ultrapassar vt
outpace [sb]
(go faster than)ultrapassar vt
overtake vtr (in numbers, business)  (em números,negócios)ultrapassar vt
overtake vtr (in race: pass)  (em corrida: passar)ultrapassar vt
run vtr (get past)  (ir além)avançar, ultrapassar vt
 The police stopped him for running a red light.
top vtr (surpass)ultrapassar, superar vt
 The actor hopes to top his previous performance.
 O ator espera ultrapassar seu performance anterior.
pass vtr (driving: overtake)  (direção)passar, ultrapassar vt
 The racecar passed his opponent at the last minute to win the race.
 O corredor passou (or: ultrapassou) seu adversário no último minuto e ganhou a corrida.
distance vtr (to leave behind, outrun)  (deixar pra trás)ultrapassar, distanciar vt
  deixar para trás loc vt
 The Swedish runner had distanced everyone before the end of the first lap.
tower vi figurative (surpass)  (exceder)superar, ultrapassar v int
  distinguir-se, destacar-se v pron
 Through his military genius, Napoleon towered above his contemporaries.
transcend vtr (go beyond)transcender, ultrapassar vt
trump vtr (outdo)ultrapassar, exceder vt
outclass vtr (be better than)  (ser de classe superior)exceder, ultrapassar, sobrepujar vt
outrun vtr (run faster than)  (correr mais que alguém)ultrapassar, exceder vt
overstep vtr (go beyond)ultrapassar, transpor, galgar vt
outdraw [sb]
(attract more audience than )  (atrair mais audiência do que )superar, ultrapassar vt
outscore [sb]
(perform better than)  (receber pontuação mais alta)superar, ultrapassar vt
go by vi (pass)passar, ultrapassar v int
 I can't believe the holiday is already over. Time went by too quickly!
Do not cross expr (instruction on police cordon)  (instrução num cordão de isolamento)não ultrapassar exprexpression: Prepositional phrase, adverbial phrase, or other phrase or expression--for example, "behind the times," "on your own."
exceed vtr (go over, surpass)superar, ultrapassar vt
surpass vtr (go past, exceed)  (exceder)ultrapassar, superar vt
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