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venda sfsale, selling nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
  grocery shop nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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sale n (commercial transaction)venda sf
 The sale proceeded as planned.
 A venda prosseguiu como planejado.
sale n (item or quantity sold)  (artigo vendido)venda sf
 How many sculptures did we sell? We had three sales today.
blindfold n (cloth to cover eyes)  (tecido que cobre os olhos)venda sf
selling n (activity: making sales)venda sf
disposal n (throwing out)  (jogar fora)descarte sm
   (bens)venda sf
short adj (finance: of a short sale)  (finanças)a descoberto loc adj
  de venda a descoberto loc adj
 He held a short position on the stock.
market [sth]
(put up for sale)  ( tornar comerciável)comercializar vt
  pôr a venda loc vt
 Our agent is going to market our house by tomorrow.
supermarket n (internet: comparison site)  (Internet)portal de venda loc sm
vending adj (related to sales)  (relativo à venda)de venda loc adj
resale n (selling secondhand)venda de segunda mão loc sf
   (ato de revender)revenda sf
UK: disinvestment
US (sale of subsidiary )venda de subsidiária loc sf
buying and selling n (trade, business)  (negócio)compra e venda loc sf
cash sale n ([sth] paid for in cash)venda à vista loc sf
 The store had no record that John bought the knife because it was a cash sale.
make a sale v (salesperson: close a deal)  (vendedor)fechar a venda, fazer uma venda loc vt
 A good salesperson can make a sale even after the customer says no.
offer for sale vtr (put on the market)oferecer à venda loc vt
 Please offer for sale my share of the project, I need the money for something else.
car boot sale,
US: garage sale
UK (garage sale held in public place)venda de garagem loc sf
 They sold a lot of their old things in a garage sale.
conveyance charge n (property lawyer's fee)comissão de venda loc sf
distress sale n (forced sale of [sb]'s property)venda forçada loc sf
straddle n (finance)  (finanças)operação de Bolsa com opção de compra e venda loc sf
asking price cotação para venda
bake sale venda de assados
for sale à venda
garage sale venda de objetos pessoais, guardados na garagem
  brechó caseiro
hard sell venda agressiva
put on the market botar no mercado
  oferecer à venda
ring up telefonar para
  marcar a venda na caixa registradora
sale price preço de venda
  preço de oferta
truck farming horticultura para venda direta ao público
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