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vendedor smseller, vendor, clerk nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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salesperson n (shop assistant)vendedor sm
salesperson n (representative)vendedor sm
salesman n (male sales assistant)vendedor sm
salesman n (male door-to-door seller)vendedor sm
salesman n (man working in commerce)vendedor sm
sales clerk n US (assistant in a shop)balconista smf
  vendedor sm
clerk n (store worker)vendedor sm
seller n ([sb] who is selling sthg)vendedor sm
seller n ([sb] who sells)vendedor sm
vendor n ([sb] who sells)vendedor sm
costumer n (costume seller)vendedor de fantasias loc sm
monger n UK (seller)  (INGL)comerciante, vendedor sm
  negociante sm
peddler n (travelling salesperson)mascate sm
  vendedor ambulante loc sm
   (brasileirismo)sacoleiro sm
tobacconist n (tobacco seller)vendedor de fumo loc sm
bookseller n ([sb] who works in a bookshop)  (comerciante de livros)livreiro, vendedor sm
(hawker: travelling salesperson)vendedor ambulante loc sm
  sacoleiro sm
chandler n archaic (dealer, seller)  (arcaico)vendedor, fornecedor sm
draper n ([sb] who sells fabrics)vendedor de tecidos loc sm
iceman n US (person who delivers ice)vendedor de gelo loc sm
antique dealer n ([sb] who sells old, valuable objects)vendedor de antiguidades loc sm
 An antique dealer can estimate the value of this old painting.
door-to-door salesman n ([sb] who sells [sth] by knocking on doors)vendedor de porta em porta
 James is a door-to-door vacuum salesman.
insurance salesman n ([sb] who sells insurance policies)vendedor de seguros loc sm
news dealer n US (newsagent: [sb] who sells newspapers and magazines)vendedor de jornais loc sm
car salesman n ([sb] who sells automobiles)vendedor de carros loc sm
 A good car salesman will not let you walk away without buying a car.
wholesale dealer vendedor de atacado
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