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Traduções principais
vendedor smsalesperson, vendor, clerk nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
  seller nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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Traduções principais
clerk n (store worker)vendedor sm
 The clerk said that the store accepts credit cards.
seller n (salesperson)vendedor sm
 Before they agreed to buy the house, Peter and Wendy asked the seller if the carpets and curtains were included in the price.
plural: salespeople
(shop assistant)vendedor sm
 I couldn't find a salesperson who knew the price.
plural: salesmen
(male sales assistant)vendedor sm
 The salesman showed me several cars, but they were all too expensive.
bookseller n (person who works in a bookshop) (comerciante de livros)livreiro, vendedor sm
 Ellie works as a bookseller in a small independent bookshop.
sales clerk (US),
sales assistant,
shop assistant (UK)
US (store attendant)vendedor, balconista sm
 If you need help locating something in the store, just ask a sales clerk.
sales associate n (salesperson)vendedor sm
 The sales associate helped the customer pick out and buy the product he needed.
sales rep n informal, abbreviation (salesperson)representante sm
  vendedor sm
 Their sales rep has an appointment to call on us next week.
sales agent n (commercial representative)representante comercial smf
  vendedor sm
sales representative n (commercial agent)representante de vendas smf
  vendedor sm
merchant n (person)comerciante smf
  vendedor sm
  (datado)mercador sm
  (datado)caixeiro sm
 A traveling merchant came to town about once a month.
merchant n (retail sales) (vendas no varejo)comerciante sm
  vendedor sm
 The company was a major merchant in the perfume industry.
plural: salespeople
(representative)vendedor sm
 A salesperson will call you back at your convenience.
plural: salesmen
(male door-to-door seller)vendedor sm
 There's a salesman here asking for the lady of the house.
chandler n archaic (dealer, seller) (arcaico)vendedor, fornecedor sm
salesman n (man working in commerce)vendedor sm
tout n (pushy seller, promoter)vendedor, camelô sm
 The tout was pressing Peter to buy from him.
Traduções complementares
vendor n ([sb] who sells)vendedor sm
  fornecedor sm
 The estate agent contacted the vendor with some questions from the buyer.
broker n (used goods dealer)agente sm
  vendedor sm
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Formas compostas:
antique dealer n (person who sells old, valuable objects)vendedor de antiguidades loc sm
 An antique dealer can estimate the value of this old painting.
authorized dealer,
also UK: authorised dealer
(person with legal right to sell [sth])vendedor autorizado loc sm
car salesman,
plural: car salesmen
(male: sells automobiles)vendedor de carros loc sm
 A good car salesman will not let you walk away without buying a car.
commercial traveler (US),
commercial traveller (UK)
(traveling salesperson)vendedor externo loc sm
(costume seller or shop)vendedor de fantasias sm
 None of the local costumers has a pharaoh costume.
 Nenhum dos vendedores de fantasias locais têm uma fantasia de faraó.
door-to-door salesman,
plural: door-to-door salesmen
(salesperson: knocks on doors)vendedor de porta em porta loc sm
 James is a door-to-door vacuum salesman.
draper n ([sb] who sells fabrics)vendedor de tecidos loc sm
gun dealer n (firearms trader)vendedor de arma loc sm
iceman n US (person who delivers ice)vendedor de gelo loc sm
insurance salesman,
plural: insurance salesmen
(male: sells insurance)vendedor de seguros loc sm
news dealer n US (newsagent: [sb] who sells newspapers and magazines)vendedor de jornais sm
dated (travelling salesperson)mascate sm
  vendedor ambulante loc sm
  (brasileirismo)sacoleiro sm
pusher n colloquial (drug seller) (gíria, coloquial)aviãozinho sm
  vendedor de drogas sm
  traficante de drogas sm
 The mother was worried that her son might be a pusher.
retail dealer n (seller) (vendedor)negociante smf
  vendedor varejista loc sm
 The craftsman sold not only to wholesalers, but also to various retail dealers.
specialist dealer n (expert seller of narrow range of goods) (vendedor qualificado com pequena quantidade de produtos)vendedor qualificado sm
  representante smf
  representante específico sm
  vendedor técnico sm
street seller n (outdoor vendor, stallholder) (vendedor de rua, em tendas)vendedor de rua sm
  (BRA, informal)camelô sm
sweet seller n UK ([sb] who sells confectionery) (alguém que comercializa confeitarias)vendedor de balas sm
  vendedor de doces sm
  (informal)doceiro sm
ticket agent n (business that sells tickets) (comércio que vende bilhetes)vendedor de ingressos loc sm
  agente smf
 A ticket agent can help you arrange your trip to Asia. I'll see if the ticket agent has anything suitable.
tobacconist n (tobacco seller)vendedor de fumo loc sm
 Run down to the tobacconist and buy some cigarettes for me, please.
wholesale dealer n ([sb] selling for resale) (vendedor: para revenda)vendedor de atacado loc sm
 You can only get the product from the wholesale dealer.
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