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vento smwind nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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air n (wind)vento sm
 The air blew down trees during the storm.
wind n (moving air)  (ar em movimento )vento sm
 The wind is strong around skyscrapers.
 O vento é forte em volta dos arranha-céus.
vent n (in earth)vento sm
squall n (brief windstorm)rajada de vento loc sf
  ventania sf
scatterbrain n (absent-minded person)  (desmiolado)cabeça-de-vento sm
  pessoa distraída loc sf
breezy adj (slightly windy)ventilado adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
  com vento loc adj
vane n (device that shows wind direction)catavento, cata-vento sm
weathercock n (cockerel-shaped weather vane)cata-vento sm
windswept adj (blown by the wind)varrido pelo vento loc adj
  exposto ao vento loc adj
downwind adv (in same direction as the wind)a favor do vento loc adv
headwind n (opposing air current)vento contrário loc sm
windblown adj (tossed around by the wind)levado pelo vento loc adj
windward adv (against the wind)contra o vento loc adv
windward adj (on the side from which the wind blows)do lado do vento loc adj
crosswind n (wind blowing across a flight path)  (Meteor:)vento lateral loc sm
tailwind n (wind from behind)vento de cauda loc sm
upwind adv (into or against the wind)em direção contrária ao vento loc adv
upwind adj (in direction from which wind is blowing)contra o vento loc adj
westerly n (wind blowing from the west)vento do oeste loc sm
([sth] giving protection from wind: bushes, trees, construction)quebra-vento sm
windproof [sth]
(resistant to the wind)à prova de vento loc adj
windproof [sth]
(make resistant to the wind)tornar à prova de vento loc vt
blast of wind n (gust)rajada de vento loc sf
 A blast of wind blew the door shut and I could not get back in the house.
blow by vi (be swept past by the wind)ser arrastado pelo vento
 A paper bag blew by me on a windy day.
blow in v literal (be swept in by the wind)ser varrido pelo vento
 A handful of leaves blew in when I opened the door.
east wind n (wind coming from the east)  (vento chegando do leste)vento do leste loc sm
fresh breeze n (pleasantly cool and gentle wind)  (vento de 37 a 45 km/h (Escala Beaufort))brisa fresca loc sf
   vento forte loc sm
fresh wind n (positive change)  (mudança positiva)vento fresco loc sm
gale warning n (forecast of severe winds)  (Escala de Beaufort)previsão de vento muito forte loc sf
 Because of the gale warning we decided not to set sail that night.
 Because of the gale warning, the small boat returned to the harbor.
gentle wind n (light breeze)  (Escala de Beaufort 3: vento fraco, brisa)vento fraco loc sm
 A gentle wind filled the sails, and the boat slid smoothly from the harbour.
head wind n (wind blowing head-on)vento de proa loc sm
 There was a strong head wind and so progress was slow.
howling wind n (loud, strong wind)  (vento forte)vento uivante loc sm
 Driving rain and a howling wind turned their trek across the moor into a dangerous nightmare.
draught proofing
US: draft proofing
(insulation against air currents)isolamento contra vento loc sm
driving wind n (wind that is fast-moving and powerful)vento forte loc sm
windmill n (for energy)cata-vento sm
windmill n (for grains)moinho de vento loc sm
gust of wind lufada de vento
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