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verificar verify, examine, check
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check vtr (verify)verificar vt
 Please check that the balance of my account is at least four hundred dollars.
 Por favor, verifique que o saldo da minha conta é de pelo menos quatrocentos dólares.
verify vtr (confirm)verificar vt
verify vtr (science: by repeating)verificar vt
check over verificar
see vi (find out)  (averiguar)ver, constatar, verificar vt
 I'll see if my father knows anything about it.
spellcheck vtr (check spelling of)  ( )verificar a ortografia de loc vt
check on vtr (check state or progress of)conferir, verificar vt
 When Janet left the children alone at home, she called frequently to check on them.
check up
(verify)verificar, conferir vt
Note: hyphen used when term is a noun
check up on vtr (check progress or state of)verificar algo
 When it's very hot, remember to check up on your elderly neighbors every couple of hours.
double check
(cross-check, check again)verificar de novo
 We should double-check our grocery list to make sure we have everything we need.
ascertain vtr (verify)verificar, certificar vt
vet vtr (review and approve)checar, verificar vt
test out verificar na prática
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