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vermelho adjred adj
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red adj (colour)vermelho adj
 The red car passed quickly.
 O carro vermelho passou rapidamente.
red adj (cheeks: flushed)vermelho adj
 Our cheeks were red in the cold air.
red adj colloquial (communist, socialist) comunistavermelho adj
 The West fought against the "red menace".
red n (colour) corvermelho sm
 My favourite colour is red.
red n (red clothing)vermelho sm
 The woman is wearing red.
red n (communist, socialist) comunistavermelho sm
 Trotsky was a red.
red n colloquial (debit) débitovermelho sm
 Our accounts are in the red.
pink n slang (political leftist) pej, simpatizante do comunismovermelho sm
 The politician was considered a pink because of his communist sympathies.
pink adj (of leftist politics) simpatizante do comunismovermelho adj
 The newspaper was accused of being pink because it rarely criticised the Communists.
blushing adj (red with embarrassment) de vergonhavermelho, corado adj
overdrawn adj (account: in debit) conta: em débitono vermelho loc adj
spelt n (type of wheat) tipo de aveiaespelta sf
 trigo vermelho loc sm
brownstone n US (type of red-brown stone)arenito vermelho loc sm
brownstone n US (terraced house built of brownstone)casa geminada de arenito vermelho loc sf
gunmetal n (metal used to make firearms) metal para fazer armasbronze de canhão sm
 bronze vermelho loc sm
snapper n (variety of edible fish) peixecaranho, vermelho sm
sockeye n (variety of fish)salmão-vermelho-do-Pacífico sm
titian n (reddish gold) marrom avermelhadovermelho ticiano loc sm
trillium n (flowering plant) plantalírio-do-bosque, trílio-vermelho sm
 trílio sm
blood red adj (vibrantly red in colour) corvermelho-sangue adj
 She was wearing blood red lipstick.
blood red n (vibrant red colour)vermelho-sangue sm
 That carpet is a garish blood red.
cherry red n (deep red colour)vermelho-cereja sm
 Her lips were of cherry red, her eyes of the palest blue.
cherry red adj (of a deep red colour)vermelho cereja adj
 The beautiful jewel was a deep cherry-red colour.
American redstart n (bird: North American warbler) pássaromariquita-de-rabo-vermelho sf
 The American redstart is the only common wood warbler with orange and black plumage; most warblers are yellow and black.
be in the red vi figurative (be in debt) estar em débitoestar no vermelho loc v int
 The company had been in the red for years, but under the new CEO it recovered completely.
red alert alerta vermelho
red carpet tapete vermelho
red light sinal vermelho
 luz vermelha
turn red ficar vermelho
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