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vestir dress, clothe, garb, put on
vestir protect, shelter; adorn, embellish
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wear vi (retain a characteristic)vestir v int
  estar conservado
 This coat wears well in all conditions.
dress vtr (put clothes on)vestir vt
 Dress the children quickly so we can go.
 Veste as crianças rapidamente, assim nós podemos ir.
clothe vtr (dress, put into clothes)vestir vt
clothe vtr (provide clothing for)vestir vt
draw on vtr (clothing: put on)  (roupa)vestir vt
 He quickly drew on his trousers and ran out the door.
hop into vtr informal (clothes: put on quickly)  ( roupas)vestir vt
vest vtr formal (put on clothes)vestir vt
take vtr (wear: clothing size)  (tamanho de roupa)usar, vestir vt
 What size do you take?
wear [sth]
(put on: clothing)vestir, usar vt
 What should I wear today?
 O que devo vestir (or: usar) hoje?
wear [sth]
(clothing: habitually have on)  (roupas)usar, vestir vt
 Amanda wears black most days.
dress vi (put clothes on oneself)vestir-se v p
 He dressed and ate breakfast quickly.
 Ele se vestiu e tomou o café-da-manhã rapidamente.
redress vtr (clothe again)vestir de novo loc vt
encrust [sth]
encrust [sth] with [sth]
(cover with [sth] crusty)  (cobrir com crosta)cobrir, vestir, revestir vt
tog v (dress, clothe)vestir-se vp
change into vtr (put on: clothes)  (roupas)vestir, trocar, mudar vt
 Why don't you change into something more comfortable?
dress down vi (wear casual clothes)vestir informalmente
 We can dress down tonight because the wedding is going to be very informal.
get dressed vi (put clothes on)vestir-se vp
  vestir-se vp
 I was late this morning and had to get dressed in a hurry.
lay [sb] out v (prepare [sb]'s body for funeral)  (preparar alguém para ser sepultado)vestir defunto loc vt
 The funeral home is going to lay my dead aunt out for viewing tomorrow.
dress to impress vi (wear smart clothes)vestir-se para impressionar loc v int
 As her date was tonight, Carol wanted to dress to impress.
attire vtr (put clothes on)vestir, ataviar vt
don vtr (clothing)  (roupa)vestir-se v p
dress to kill vestir para matar
dress up vestir-se formalmente
slip into vestir-se
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