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viagem sftrip, voyage nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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ride n informal (trip)viagem sf
 It was an enjoyable ride through the mountains of West Virginia.
travel n (act of travelling)viagem sf
 My brother likes travel.
  She learnt a lot about different cultures from her travelsEsta frase não é uma tradução do inglês.
(journeys)viagem sf
 He met many people on his travels.
trip n (journey)viagem sf
 I had fun on my trip.
 Diverti-me na viagem.
trip n slang (drugs)  (drogas)viagem sf
 Jerry had a bad acid trip.
voyage n (journey, travel)viagem sf
journey n (extended travel)viagem, jornada sf
 We went on a journey around South America.
 Fizemos uma viagem (or: jornada) por toda a América do Sul.
journey n (duration of travel)  (duração)viagem, jornada sf
 The town is three days' journey by horse from here.
traveling n US (activity: journeying)jornada, viagem sf
canoeing n (activity: travel by canoe)viagem de canoa loc sf
tote n abbr (tote bag)sacola de viagem loc sf
takeaway n UK (takeout, food to go)  (INGL, )refeição para viagem loc sf
   (brasileirismo)quentinha sf
guidebook n (book of travel advice)guia de viagem loc sf
carryall n (large bag with handles)bolsa de viagem loc sf
carryout n (takeaway food)comida para viagem loc sf
   (bras.)quentinha sf
holdall n (large bag with handles)bolsa de viagem loc sf
(food to be eaten off premises)comida para viagem loc sf
takeout adj (food: to go)  (comida)para viagem loc adj
junket n (trip taken by officials at public expense)  (às custas do dinheiro público)viagem, farra sf
spaceflight n (journeying by spacecraft)viagem espacial loc sf
spaceflight n (journey made by a spacecraft)viagem espacial loc sf
carry out
informal (food: prepared food to be taken away)comida para viagem loc sf
duffel bag n (drawstring tote bag)bolsa de viagem loc sf
 Duffel bags are the sailor's suitcases.
go on a journey vi (travel somewhere)partir em viagem, sair em viagem loc v int
 The fortune teller told me I'd soon be going on a journey.
go on a trip vi UK (take a short journey)partir em viagem, sair em viagem loc v int
 This weekend we're going on a trip to the seaside.
go on a trip US (travel)  (viajar)sair de viagem loc v int
 Last summer I went on a trip to Rome to see the Coliseum.
have a nice trip interj (enjoy your vacation, holiday)tenha uma boa viagem! interjinterjection: Exclamation--for example, "Oh no!" "Wow!"
 Here are your tickets, Sir. Have a nice trip!
ocean travel n (making journeys by sea)viagem oceânica loc sf
 I prefer air travel to ocean travel, it's much quicker.
day trip n (outing made in a day)viagem de um dia loc sf
 If you live in New Jersey it's easy to take a day trip to New York City.
doggy bag n (container of meal leftovers)embrulho para viagem loc sm
 We took the leftovers home in a doggy bag to enjoy the next day.
field trip n (research outing)viagem de campo loc sf
 The class went on a field trip to the zoo.
corporate travel n (business trips)viagem corporativa loc sf
curb-to-curb time n (air travel: time from home to final destination)  (viagem aérea)duração da viagem loc sf
 When I went to England from Colorado, my curb-to-curb time was almost 24 hours.
day out n (trip or outing lasting a day)viagem de um dia loc sf
 We had a lovely day out at the seaside.
fellow traveller
US: fellow traveler
UK, literal (companion on a journey)companheiro de viagem loc sm
 My fellow travelers and I were stranded in Amsterdam when the Iceland volcano closed Europe's air space.
fishing trip n (outing to catch fish)viagem de pescaria loc sf
 Did you ever ask him why he never caught any fish on his fishing trips?
voyage n (ocean travel)viagem marítima loc sf
air travel viagem aérea
airline travel viagem por companhia aérea
bon voyage boa viagem
maiden voyage viagem inaugural
see off acompanhar (até a porta)
  despedir-se antes da viagem
set forth apresentar, expor
  partir, começar uma viagem
stop off dar uma parada durante uma viagem
travel sickness enjôo de viagem
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