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vinho smwine nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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wine n (drink made from grapes)  (bebida feita das uvas)vinho sm
 They served wine at the celebration dinner.
 Serviram vinho no jantar de comemoração.
wine n (colour)  (cor)vinho sm
 I wanted the room painted blue, but he painted it wine instead.
burgundy adj (reddish purple in colour)  (da cor do vinho tinto)vinho adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
vino n informal (wine)vinho sm
grape wine n (alcoholic drink made from grapes)vinho sm
red n (red wine)vinho tinto loc sm
 I prefer a red with pasta.
wine vi (drink wine)beber vinho loc v int
 He drank beer all night, but I wined.
hock n UK (white German wine)  (INGL)vinho do Reno loc sm
plonk n UK, slang (cheap wine)  (vinho barato)vinhaça sf
  vinhoca sm
  vinho vagabundo (ou: barato) loc sm
(French white wine)  (vinho branco francês)vinho chardonnay loc sm
jeroboam n (large wine bottle)garrafão de vinho loc sm
cheap wine n (wine of inferior quality)  (de qualidade inferior)vinho barato loc sm
 Please don't give us any more of that cheap wine; last time I was ill for several days.
cheap wine n (inexpensive wine)  (de preço baixo)vinho barato loc sm
dessert wine n (sweet wine taken with dessert)vinho de sobremesa
 Dessert wines are far too sweet for my taste.
domestic wine n (wine produced within a given country)vinho nacional loc sm
 With advances in viticulture, England is gradually producing more domestic wine.
dry wine n (wine that is not sweet)vinho seco
 Can you suggest a dry white wine to go with our fish?
 Sweet wines have a higher sugar content than dry wines.
fortified wine n (sherry, port: wine strengthened by brandy)  (com aguardente vínica, tornando-se mais alcoólico)vinho fortificado loc sm
 Every night before bed he poured himself a glass of fortified wine.
glass of wine n (wine served in a glass)taça de vinho loc sf
 I like to have a glass of wine with my meal.
kosher wine n (wine acceptable under Jewish law)vinho kosher loc sm
cooking sherry n (fortified wine for use in food)vinho para cozinhar loc sm
port n (port wine)vinho do porto, porto loc sm
bottle of wine garrafa de vinho
sparkling wine vinho espumante
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