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viver v intlive viintransitive verb: Verb not taking a direct object--for example, "She jokes." "He has arrived."
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live vi (be alive)viver v int
 The king is not dead! He lives!
 O rei não está morto! Ele vive!
live vi (exist)  (existir)viver v int
 Cockroaches have lived for millions of years.
 As baratas têm vivido por milhões de anos.
live vi (remain alive)viver v int
 Yes, he still lives. He must be ninety years old.
 Sim, ele ainda vive. Deve estar com uns noventa anos.
live vi (subsist)  (subsistir)viver v int
 Many people around the world live on less than a dollar per day.
live vi (reside)  (residir)viver v int
 Luca lives on the second floor.
 Luca vive no segundo andar.
live vi (enjoy life)viver v int
  aproveitar v int
 You can't work all your life; you have to live!
live vi (live in some manner)viver v int
 Many monks live a Spartan life.
live vi (manage one's life)viver v int
 Two full time jobs is no way to live.
 Dois empregos de tempo integral não é uma maneira de viver.
live vi (cohabit)  (coabitar)viver v int
 The brothers live together.
live vtr (experience)  (experimentar)viver vt
 He still lives the war in his imagination.
lives vi (third person present indicative of live)  (terceira pessoa do singular do presente do indicativo do verbo viver)viver v int
 He still lives with his parents.
 Ele ainda vive com seus pais.
live vtr (way of life)  (modo de vida)viver, levar vt
 He lives a moral life, as he speaks a moral life.
pig it
(live like a pig)viver como um porco loc vt
 Colin is pigging it in his apartment.
mooch vi informal (live at others' expense)  (informal: viver às custas dos outros)parasitar v int
   (brasileirismo, RJ)viver na aba de loc vt
freewheel vi figurative (live freely, independently)viver de forma livre loc v int
  ser um bom vivant loc v int
drift along vi figurative (live without purpose)  (viver sem propósito)viver sem rumo
 He drifts along without any purpose, he'll never amount to anything.
live alone vi (not cohabit, reside by oneself)morar, viver sozinho loc v int
 After many years of flat-sharing, it is a luxury to live alone.
live and breathe [sth] vtr (be passionately interested in [sth])  (ser apaixonado, devotado a)viver para algo loc vt
 When I was a teenager I lived and breathed ballet.
 Her boyfriend lives and breathes football; nothing else seems to interest him.
live fast vi (behave recklessly)  (ter comportamento desregrado)viver uma vida louca loc v int
live forever vi (be immortal, never die)viver para sempre loc v int
 Elvis died years ago but to his fans he will live forever in their hearts.
live forever vi (be enduring)viver para sempre loc v int
 Classic movies like "Casablanca" will live forever in the hearts of movie-goers.
live hard vi (behave recklessly and decadently)  (ter comportamento desregrado, decadente)viver alucinadamente loc v int
 Rock stars are known for living hard and dying young.
live in peace vi (coexist harmoniously)  (coexistir harmoniosamente)viver em paz loc v int
 Can't you just live in peace with your neighbors?
live in poverty vi (be very poor)viver na pobreza loc v int
 Half the world lives in poverty while the other half throws away good food.
live on vtr (use for money)  (dinheiro, bens)viver de vt
  alimentar-se de, manter-se vp
 My mother gives me a monthly allowance but it's not enough to live on.
live on [sth] alone vtr figurative (have [sth] as only sustenance )  (figurativo - sustento, alimento único)viver só de loc v int
  sobreviver vt
 Man cannot live on bread alone.
live simply vi (avoid extravagant spending)viver de maneira simples loc v int
 If you lived simply you wouldn't have to work such long hours.
live the high life vi informal (have a luxurious lifestyle)viver de maneira extravagante loc v int
 Ever since he won the lottery he's been living the high life.
live together vi (cohabit)  (coabitar)viver junto loc v int
 A year after they started dating, they decided to live together.
live up to vtr (be as good as)viver à altura de loc vt
 I fear I will never live up to my parents' expectations.
live well vi (be comfortably well off)viver bem, viver feliz loc v int
 We're not rich, but we live well.
live with [sb] v (cohabit, live under same roof as [sb])  (coabitar com)viver com vt
live with [sth] v (accept or endure [sth])  (algo)aceitar, aguentar, viver com vt
look back vi figurative (dwell on the past)  (figurativo)viver no passado loc v int
 As I look back on the past, I must remind myself to look towards the future to better days.
drink and be merry
(Enjoy life while you can)viver a vida exprexpression: Prepositional phrase, adverbial phrase, or other phrase or expression--for example, "behind the times," "on your own."
  aproveitar enquanto pode expres
 Don't worry about that till you're 50, Jay. For now, eat, drink and be merry!
live apart viver separado
live as husband and wife viver como marido e mulher
live it up viver ao máximo
live on the edge viver no limite
live or die viver ou morrer
rest on one's laurels   (de vitórias, de sucessos conquistados)repousar sobre os louros
  viver da fama
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