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Traduceri principale
absolut adj.absolute
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Traduceri principale
utter adj (complete)desăvârşit adj.
  total adj.
  absolut adj.
absolute adj (complete)absolut adj.
  complet, deplin, nelimitat adj.
 Mary was given absolute freedom to do as she wished.
sheer adj (utter)pur, absolut, total adj.
 That idea is sheer genius!
categorical adj (absolute, definitive)categoric adj.
  absolut adj.
 The team's win was a categorical victory.
autocratic adj (tyrannical, dictatorial)autocratic adj.
  dictatorial adj.
  absolut adj.
unquestioning adj (mindlessly obedient) (supunere)absolut adj.
  necondiționat adj.
absolutely adv (entirely)absolut, indiscutabil adv.
  în mod absolut, pe deplin, întru totul loc.adv.
 After rolling in the mud, the dog was absolutely filthy.
flatly adv (completely, wholly)categoric adv.
  absolut adv.
 She flatly denied that she had ever met the man.
utterly adv (completely)absolut adv.
  complet adv.
 We were utterly unprepared for the number of applications we received.
def adv abbr, urban, slang (definitely)absolut adv.
  fără nicio îndoială loc.adv.
unconditional adj (categorical, absolute)necondiţionat adj.
  categoric adj.
  absolut adj.
 A mother's love for her children is unconditional.
unadulterated adj figurative (sheer, utter)pur adj.
  total adj.
  absolut adj.
 It was a moment of unadulterated joy for Roger when he won the race.
sheer adj (pure)pur, absolut, total adj.
 The children squealed with sheer joy at being sprayed with water.
downright adv (thoroughly)în întregime loc.adv.
  absolut adv.
 The roads are getting downright dangerous with the heavy snow.
royally adv slang (utterly)extrem adv.
  absolut adv.
 We will be royally screwed if we don't finish this report on time.
stark adj (extreme)total adj.
  complet adj.
  absolut adj.
 Stark weather is expected over the next few days.
implicit adj (unquestioning) (încredere, credinţă)absolut adj.
 They put their implicit trust in the bank and regretted it later.
supreme adj (act: ultimate)suprem adj.
  ultim adj.
  absolut adj.
 This car is the supreme example of what a perfect vehicle should be.
flat-out adv informal (downright)total, absolut adv.
  de-a dreptul loc.adv.
 Stealing the old lady's handbag was flat-out wrong.
Traduceri suplimentare
perfect adj (absolute)total, absolut adj.
 He is a perfect idiot.
 E un idiot total.
total adj (complete)complet, absolut adj.
  desăvârșit adj.
 It was total chaos because of the transport strike.
rank adj (sheer, utter)cras adj.
  pur, absolut adj.
 Alan was fired for rank insubordination.
positive adj informal (complete)total, absolut adj.
 Bill thinks Shakespeare wrote Pride and Prejudice? The man's a positive idiot!
sovereign adj (excellent, outstanding)absolut, suprem adj.
 Honey is a sovereign remedy for healing wounds.
thorough adj (complete, total)total, absolut adj.
  (ca adjectiv antepus)adevărat, veritabil adj.
 My new boss is a thorough bore.
flat adv (completely)complet, total, categoric, absolut adv.
 I am flat broke. I need to get a job.
 Sunt complet falit. Trebuie să-mi găsesc o slujbă.
totally adv informal (really)absolut adv.
  cu totul și cu totul loc.adv.
 That guy is totally gorgeous.
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Forme compuse:
absolute maximum n (greatest or largest possible)maxim absolut s.n.
absolute minimum n (smallest or least possible)minim absolut s.n.
absolute monarch n (king or queen with unrestricted power)monarh absolut s.m.
 Queen Elisabeth I can be said to have been an absolute monarch.
absolute zero n (lowest possible temperature)zero absolut s.n.
 Absolute zero, zero degrees Kelvin, is -473 Fahrenheit or -273.15 Celsius.
absolutely interj (yes!)absolut! interj.
 When I asked Tim if he wanted to ride the roller coaster, he answered, "Absolutely!"
absolutely impossible adj (not possible under any circumstances)absolut imposibil adj.
 It is absolutely impossible to win at most carnival games. I would find it absolutely impossible to leap over a wall with a single bound.
absolutely right adj emphatic (completely correct)absolut corect adj.
 You told me I would love this movie, and you were absolutely right.
freeholder n (owner of a property in perpetuity)proprietar absolut s.m.
lord and master n ([sb] with total power, boss)stăpân absolut s.m.
 I need to ask my lord and master for permission to take a holiday.
nothing at all pron (not anything)absolut nimic pron.
 I've got nothing at all suitable to wear for the party!
nothing whatsoever pron (not anything)absolut nimic
 I will have nothing whatsoever to do with that boy, he's awful!
quite interj (I agree)pe bune!, absolut! exclm.
  chiar așa! exclm.
 He shouldn't have gone to the party. "Quite!"
 Nu trebuia să se ducă la petrecere. Pe bune! (Absolut!)
 Nu trebuia să se ducă la petrecere. Chiar așa!
the absolute truth n ([sth] ultimately and universally true)adevăr absolut s.n.
 We'll probably never know the absolute truth about the life of Jesus Christ.
very same adj (exact or identical)exact la fel adj.
  absolut identic adj.
 At 15 Jacques enrolled at the very same school that his late father had attended.
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