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commerce n (business)comerţ s.n.
  afaceri s.f.pl.
business adj (of business)de afaceri loc.adj.
  comercial adj.
 The two sat down to deal with business matters.
 Cei doi au stat să discute probleme de afaceri.
 Cei doi s-au aşezat să discute probleme comerciale.
state n US, informal (Department of State)afaceri externe s.f.pl.
 The boys over at State are a smart bunch.
 Cei de la Afaceri externe fac pe deștepții.
turnover n (finance, business: volume)cifră de afaceri loc.subst.
businessman n (man working in commerce)om de afaceri loc.subst.
businessman n (entrepreneur)om de afaceri loc.subst.
  întreprinzător s.m.
Exterior n (politics: foreign affairs)(Afaceri) Externe s.f.
businesswoman n (female businessperson)femeie de afaceri s.f.
businessmen npl (men working in commerce)oameni de afaceri s.m.
businessperson n (commercial executive)om de afaceri s.m.
  afacerist s.f.
transact vi (do business)a face afaceri loc.vb.
unenterprising adj (lacking in business initiative)neîntreprinzător adj.
  care nu se lansează în afaceri loc.adj.
  lipsit de inițiativă adj.
wildcatter n (one who engages in risky business practices)persoană care face afaceri riscante s.f.
big business afaceri importante
business centre centru de afaceri
business district cartier de afaceri
business English engleză pentru afaceri
business person om de afaceri
business school scoală de afaceri
do business a face afaceri
do business with a face afaceri cu
have dealings with a face afaceri cu loc.vb.
  a fi pe mână cu loc.vb.
shady dealings afaceri necurate s.f.pl.
business correspondence n (business letter)corespondenţă de afaceri s.f.
 I have separate files for my business correspondence and my personal correspondence.
business establishment n (commercial institution)instituţie de afaceri / comercială s.f.
business ethics npl (moral constraints on trading practices)etică de afaceri s.f.
 Differences in business ethics provide a challenge in international business.
business is business expr (making a profit outweighs other concerns)afacerile sunt afaceri
 He felt that I took advantage of his situation, but business is business.
business letter n (business correspondence)scrisoare de afaceri s.f.
 A letter to a friend is different from a more formal business letter.
business relations npl (working relationships)relaţii de afaceri / comerciale s.f.pl.
foreign affairs npl (politics: international relations)afaceri externe s.f.pl.
 The professor was a prominent foreign affairs expert and had advised several presidents on international matters.
political affairs npl (matters of government)afaceri politice s.f.pl.
trade with vtr (do business with)a face afaceri cu loc.vb.
 I trade with him from time to time.
transact business v (have commercial dealings)a face afaceri loc.vb.
 I prefer to transact business at a fine restaurant instead of in the boardroom.
transact business with vtr (have commercial dealings with)a face afaceri cu loc.vb.
 Because of their lending practices, we do not transact business with that bank.
business plan n (outline of prospective commercial venture)plan de afaceri s.n.
 Before examining my loan request, the bank wanted to see a business plan.
business trip n (journey made for work)călătorie de afaceri s.f.
 My secretary booked the hotels for my upcoming business trip.
Home Office n UK (government: domestic affairs department)Afaceri interne s.f.pl.
 The Home Office deals with immigration and passport applications.
public affairs npl (current events of public interest)afaceri publice s.f.pl.
 The new television station has 6 hours a day of public affairs programming.
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