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Traduceri principale
clar adj.clear, pure, obvious
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Traduceri principale
obvious adj (evident, clear)limpede, clar adj.
  (formal)evident adj.
 It was obvious that she was upset about the choice.
 Era clar că era supărată din cauza alegerii făcute.
 This sentence is not a translation of the original sentence. Era evident că nu le-a plăcut de mine din prima clipă.
apparent adj (obvious)evident adj.
  clar, indiscutabil adj.
  vizibil, vădit adj.
 As time went on, it became apparent that Darla was not actually pregnant.
articulate adj (person: speaks well) (exprimare)clar adj.
  limpede adj.
 The elementary school student was surprisingly articulate.
unambiguous adj (clear in meaning)clar adj.
  fără ambiguităţi loc.adj.
 The senator's speech was unambiguous; something must be done immediately about the crisis.
perspicuous adj (clear in meaning)clar adj.
  limpede adj.
  neechivoc adj.
unclouded adj literal (liquid: clear)clar adj.
  limpede adj.
  străveziu adj.
intelligible adj (comprehensible)inteligibil adj.
  limpede, clar adj.
 The language the man spoke was not intelligible to me.
black or white adj (clear cut)alb sau negru adj.
  clar adj.
clear-cut adj figurative (unambiguous, well defined)clar adj.
 It's a clear-cut case of fraud.
in focus adj (seen clearly)clar adj.
 It's a shame the kids aren't in focus in any of your photos.
obviously adv (of course)evident, clar adj.
  (literar)de netăgăduit loc.adj.
 Obviously, we left after they ran out of beer.
 Evident, am plecat după ce au rămas fără bere.
 This sentence is not a translation of the original sentence. E de netăgăduit că ceea ce ţi-am spus e adevărat.
definitely adv (certainly)precis, clar, categoric, bineînţeles adv.
  cu siguranţă loc.adv.
 The student definitely appreciates the scholarship money.
 E clar că studenţii apreciază valoarea burselor.
 Cu siguranţă că studenţii apreciază valoarea burselor.
vividly adv (clearly) (a-şi aminti)clar adv.
  distinct adv.
  limpede adv.
 I vividly recall our visit to British Columbia in 1907.
plainly adv (clearly, evidently)clar adv.
  evident adv.
 I am plainly confused by your question.
distinctly adv (sight, sound: clearly)distinct adv.
  clar adv.
 The narrator pronounced each word distinctly.
starkly adv (apparent, aware: acutely, clearly)clar adv.
  evident adv.
  net adv.
 It became starkly apparent that the plan would not work.
unmistakably adv (clearly)clar adv.
  negreşit adv.
 It was unmistakably my brother's handwriting.
audibly adv (loudly enough to be heard) (zgomot, sunet)tare adv.
  clar adv.
 My stomach rumbled audibly and everyone in the room laughed.
crisply adv (neatly, cleanly)clar adv.
  net adv.
 The shirts were crisply pressed and starched.
unambiguously adv (plainly, clearly)clar adv.
  fără ambiguitate adv.
 It is unambiguously clear that the company has serious financial problems.
clearly adv (see: distinctly)clar, distinct adv.
 In heavy fog, road hazards cannot be seen clearly.
clear adj (unambiguous)clar adj.
  limpede adj.
 The message of the new law is clear.
 Mesajul noii legi este foarte clar.
 Mesajul noii legi este foarte limpede.
sharp adj (not blurry) (opusul lui înceţoşat)clar adj.
 With his glasses on, his vision was sharp.
 Purtând ochelarii, vederea lui era clară.
crisp adj (sharp, defined)clar adj.
  precis adj.
  concis adj.
 Paula wore a clean skirt with crisp pleats. Owen's action pictures are always clear and crisp.
transparent adj figurative (speech, action: obvious) (discurs)transparent adj.
  clar adj.
 It's important that our motives be transparent to the voters.
also UK: recognisable
(clear, perceptible)clar, evident adj.
 There was a recognizable difference between the twins' outlooks.
limpid adj figurative (clear in meaning) (înţeles)limpede adj.
  clar adj.
 Newspaper articles should be limpid, not obscure.
pellucid adj figurative (clear in meaning)clar adj.
  (înțeles)limpede adj.
  neechivoc adj.
unclouded adj figurative (issue: not made obscure) (problemă, chestiune)clar adj.
articulate adj (spoken clearly)clar, elocvent adj.
 The politician's articulate speeches drew many supporters.
understandably adv (clearly, comprehensibly)clar, desluşit adv.
 This cookery book is understandably written and the recipes are easy to follow.
distinct adj (clear to see, hear, etc.)clar, distinct adj.
 Eugene could make out the distinct shape of a molehill on the lawn.
 Eugene putea să vadă forma clară a unui mușuroi de cârtiță pe gazon.
lucid adj (thoughts: clear) (gânduri)lucid adj.
  clar adj.
 The professor gave a lucid explanation for his argument.
unmistakable adj (clear, obvious)clar adj.
  evident adj.
 My aunt took an unmistakable pride in her work.
precise adj (clearly defined)clar, precis, detaliat adj.
 Thanks to Marilyn's precise directions, Louis and Natalie found the house without any problems.
clearly adv (obviously)evident adv.
  clar adv.
 The car is clearly not in the driveway.
boldly adv (prominently)clar adv.
  pe şleau loc.adv.
distinct adj (clear, definite)clar adj.
 There was a distinct lack of enthusiasm among the students when the teacher suggested they do extra homework.
 Studenții au întâmpinat cu o lipsă clară de entuziasm sugestia profesorului de a face mai multe teme.
unclouded adj (mind: clear, not disordered) (minte)limpede adj.
  (gând)clar adj.
  nebruiat adj.
black and white,
figurative (straightforward, clear cut)negru pe alb adj.
  clar adj.
 The terms are laid out in black and white on page 10.
well adv (clearly)clar, lămurit adv.
 The professor explained the material well, and we all understood the theory.
clearly adv (comprehensibly)clar adv.
  limpede adv.
 The professor explained the assignment clearly.
focus n (optics: focal point) (optică)clar, scharf s.n.
 He rotated the lens to bring the picture into focus.
 A rotit inelul de scharf pentru a obţine o imagine clară.
Traduceri suplimentare
clear adj (with sharp definition)cu contururi precise loc.adj.
  clar adj.
 This television has a clear picture.
 Televizorul ăsta are o image cu contururi precise.
 Televizorul ăsta are o imagine clară.
direct adj (straightforward)clar, direct adj.
 Please give me a direct answer. "Yes" or "no"?
 Dă-mi te rog un răspuns clar: da sau nu?
sharp adj (image: distinct)clar adj.
  nebruiat adj.
 The image gradually came into focus until it was perfectly sharp.
positive adj (definite, clear)clar, categoric adj.
 The company issued a positive denial in respect of the allegations.
precise adj (distinct)clar, deslușit adj.
 Alex's precise pronunciation helped him get a job as a newsreader.
crystal n as adj (clear)limpede, clar adj.
 The crystal pond reflected the yellow trees around it.
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Forme compuse:
articulate [sth] vtr (express something well)a exprima clar loc.vb.
 Katherine found it difficult to articulate her feelings when she was tired.
 Lui Katherine i se părea greu să-și exprime clar sentimentele atunci când era obosită.
articulate vi (express yourself well)a se exprima clar loc.vb.
 Thanks to his practice beforehand, when it was his turn to present his report, Joseph was able to articulate well.
clear adj (with no uncertainty)conştient adj.
  clar în minte loc.adj.
 The soldiers are clear about their mission.
 Soldaţii sunt conştienţi de misiunea lor.
 Misiunea soldaţilor le e clară în minte.
clear as day adj literal (visible, easy to see)clar ca lumina zilei adj.
 Despite the police spokesman's denial, the onlooker's video showed the policeman's unprovoked aggression, as clear as day.
clearly visible adj (easy to see)care se poate vedea clar adj.
 Even to an untrained eye, the erasures in this forged document are clearly visible
crystal clear
(perfectly obvious)clar ca lumina zilei adj.
Notă: hyphen used when term is before a noun
 The chief executive spoke against the plan at length and in detail, making his opposition crystal clear to the meeting.
eloquent adj (person: articulate)elocvent adj.
  clar în exprimare expr.
 The crowd was surprised that Eleanor stumbled over her words, because she was usually very eloquent.
farsightedness n figurative (foresight, seeing in advance)clar-viziune s.f.
  presimţire s.f.
 This company suffers from a lack of farsightedness.
in so many words adv (expressed in precisely that way)clar şi răspicat loc.adv.
 The manager told Mark in so many words that he will get a promotion.
literal (able to see clearly over distance)prezbit adj.
  care vede clar la distanță loc.adj.
make it clear v expr informal (be unambiguous about [sth])a o spune clar loc.vb.
  a preciza vb.tranz.
 Sandra likes to make it clear who's boss.
make yourself clear v expr (speak plainly)a fi clar vb.intranz.
  a se face înțeles expr.
 You must never do that again – have I made myself clear?
moonlight n (light of the moon)clar de lună loc.subst.
 After dinner, the couple took a walk in the moonlight.
open-and-shut case n figurative, informal (crime: easily solved)caz clar s.n.
 This is an open-and-shut case of police brutality.
radio reception n (clarity of radio signal)recepţie radio s.f.
  semnal radio clar s.n.
 The radio reception here is terrible - I can only get a couple of stations.
seer n ([sb] who sees future)clar-văzător s.m.
  profet s.m.
 Alice became fearful when the seer told her that her future was dark.
spell [sth] out,
spell out [sth]
vtr phrasal sep
figurative (say explicitly)a da mură în gură, a explica ca la proști vb.tranz.
  a vorbi clar/explicit expr.
 I had to spell out exactly how to do his job for him.
sure sign n (clear indication)semn clar s.n.
 When she starts tapping her foot it's a sure sign she's angry.
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