WordReference Mini

For websites and blogs.

WordReference is opening up and offering you the ability to add a miniature version of WordReference for your website.  It has much of the functionality of WordReference including most of our most popular dictionaries.

Try it to the right. 
If you think it will be useful for visitors to your site, please add it.  Here is the code:

Edit the URL to change the default dictionary and word:

  1. dict=enes Change the value to your favorite dictionary. (Each dictionary has a four-letter code, made of the two-letter language codes of the two languages.)
  2. w= Change the value to choose the starting word that people will see by default. If you change the dictionary to another language, the default word must be in that language, not 'start', which is an English word.
  3. u= Change to your WordReference Forums userID (a number) so we can contact you if we notice a problem. (Optional)

A few notes:

  • Some content from WordReference will not be available in WordReference Mini
  • We may add advertisements sometime in the future - unobtrusive, tasteful ads, probably text ads.
  • Searches using the search box open in the same frame. Any links on the page open a new window with the full WordReference site.

We hope you like this, and that it will be especially helpful for language learning websites.

Please contact me with any questions or problems.


Mike Kellogg