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  1. the Russian [President, Parliament, Tzar, leader]
  2. the Russian [language, people, flag]
  3. the (independent) Russian Federation
  4. a Russian [person, singer, actress, citizen, resident, book]
  5. a Russian [passport, driver's license, ID card]
  6. Russian [regions, provinces, cities]
  7. Russian [grammar, words, expressions]
  8. a Russian [version, translation, dictionary]
  9. I'm Russian
  10. is of Russian [origin, descent, lineage]
  11. is Russian for ["yes", "thank you", "see you later"]
  12. is taking Russian [classes, lessons]
  13. Russian-speaking [countries, people, inhabitants]
  14. Russian [cooking, cuisine, food, dishes, restaurants]
  15. the most [famous, popular] Russian [vodka, dish, caviar]
  16. Russian dolls
  17. a [game, round] of Russian roulette
  18. play Russian roulette with [the economy, people's lives]
  1. [affluent, rich, famous] Russians
  2. is [studying, teaching, learning] Russian
  3. is taking [classes, lessons, a course] in Russian
  4. is a native Russian
  5. a [book, novel, show] translated into Russian
  6. translated from Russian into [French]
  7. doesn't [speak, know] much Russian
  8. [barely, hardly] speaks a word of Russian
  9. speaks Russian [well, fluently, like a native]
  10. Russians living in the [UK]
  11. the Russians first [developed, invented, launched]
  12. a popular [resort, destination, city] among Russians
  13. [ordered, made, drank] a white Russian
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