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  1. has a [great, wonderful, decreased] ability
  2. [is, has] the ability (to)
  3. has the [natural, proven, unique, demonstrated, proven] ability to
  4. with the [proven] ability to
  5. has the ability and [willingness, desire, knowledge] to
  6. has [limited, infinite] ability to
  7. [have, show] the ability to [make, work, use]
  8. (was able to) demonstrate the ability (necessary) to
  9. has no ability (at all)
  10. impaired ability to [drive, walk]
  11. question his ability
  12. [improve, develop] your ability (to, in)
  13. test your ability to [read, recognize, see, speak]
  14. [her, Mark's, this person's] ability to
  15. confident in her ability to
  16. judged on your ability to
  17. [identify, describe] your skills and abilities
  18. ability in [math, basketball]
  19. the ability for [users, anyone, people] to
n as adj
  1. a mixed-ability class
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