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  1. aliens from [mars, outer space, another planet]
  2. There is an invasion of aliens.
  3. was abducted by aliens
  4. the alien's [shuttle, spaceship]
  5. The aliens have advanced [weapons, technology].
  6. The aliens come in peace.
  7. The aliens are peaceful.
  8. a new species of alien
  9. [developed, invented, built] by aliens
  10. [mysterious, elusive] aliens
  11. claimed to have [sighted, seen] an alien
  12. (came) dressed (up) as an alien
  13. a [movie, program, show, documentary] about aliens
  14. (believe) in the existence of aliens
  15. is [a resident, a nonresident, a legal, an illegal] alien
  16. [deport, detain] illegal aliens
  17. illegal aliens crossing the border (at)
  18. feels like an alien in her new [city, school]
  1. is alien to this [country, culture, city]
  2. this [country] is alien to me
  3. [visit, travel to] an alien [country]
  4. the [concept, idea, food] seems alien to me
  5. the [concept, idea] is alien to modern [society, culture, thinking]
  6. [lost, settled, out of place] in an alien culture
  7. the (illegal) alien population
  8. has a [resident, nonresident] alien status
  9. was an alien [invasion, abduction]
  10. made alien contact
  11. alien [sightings, aircraft, beings]
  12. a new alien species
  13. [discover, study] an alien species
  14. [could, might, may] be of alien origin
  15. used alien technology
  16. visited an alien [world, planet]
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