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  1. [look, search] for a bargain
  2. can't [pass up, turn down] a good bargain
  3. That's a (real) bargain!
  4. [picked up, got myself] a real bargain
  5. [shop, look] around for bargains
  6. a bargain on [tomatoes, soap]
  7. bargains and discounts
  8. I love a good bargain!
  9. bought it at a bargain
  10. That's the bargain of a lifetime!
  11. That's a real bargain!
  12. a [travel, flight] bargain
  13. The [judge, attorney] offered a plea bargain.
  14. a plea bargain put [forward, in] by the [attorney]
  15. was offered a plea bargain (for)
  16. accepted a plea bargain
  17. turned down a plea bargain
  18. made a bargain to [share the, take turns] driving
  1. bargain with [them, the prosecutor, the company]
  2. he got more than he bargained for
  3. bargain for [his life, a promotion, a discount]
  4. bargain over a [proposal, price]
  5. bargained away her [life, rights, freedom]
  6. bargained her [life] away
  7. cannot be bargained with
n as adj
  1. bargain [prices, shopping]
  2. [CDs, DVDs, albums] in the bargain basement
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