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  1. a blur of [light, speed, motion, activity, movement]
  2. he looked like a blur when he [ran, drove, sprinted] past
  3. the blur is from [camera shake, a slow shutter speed, poor focus]
  4. blur on the [image, photo, screen]
  5. [eliminate, prevent] image blur
  6. [tips, tricks] to eliminate blur
  7. was nothing but a blur
  8. could see nothing but a blur
  9. could only see a blur
  10. The [day, memory, vacation] is nothing but a blur now.
  11. It all seems like a blur now.
  12. [The whole day, Everything] seems a blur now.
  13. It's all only a blur now.
  14. All that's left now is a blur.
  15. just a blur on the [waves, horizon]
  16. There is a blur between the [cultures, languages, categories].
  1. my vision is starting to blur
  2. my vision is blurring
  3. causes your vision to blur
  4. the [background, image, text] is blurred
  5. blur the [distinction, line] (between)
  6. blur the lines of [reality, gender, race]
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