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  1. [fishing, sail, motor, shipping, canal, river] boats
  2. a [charter, private, city, motor] boat
  3. a [stranded, beached, sunken] boat
  4. a [migrant, refugee] boat
  5. a [model, toy, banana] boat
  6. just [bought, got] a (new) boat
  7. [take, catch] a boat to [Asia]
  8. [jump, hop] on a boat
  9. [jumped, climbed, stepped, got] into the boat
  10. rode [in, on] a boat to [Africa]
  11. [went, traveled] by boat
  12. [go for, take] a ride [in] a boat
  13. [sail, paddle, captain] a boat
  14. a boat for [sale, rent]
  15. the boat [sank, capsized, overturned]
  16. the boat departs [from the quayside, at 10 A.M.]
  17. we are (all) in the same boat
  18. are in a real boat of trouble (now)
  19. he missed the boat [by, when]
  20. (have) just stepped off the boat
  21. [just, fresh] off the boat
  22. slang: who rocked her boat?
  23. slang: whatever floats your boat!
  24. pass the [sauce, gravy] boat
n as adj
  1. a boat [trailer, dock, show, race]
  2. boat [rentals, loans, dealers, repairs, maintenance]
  3. go on a boat [ride, trip]
  4. [buy, look for] boat insurance
  5. member of a boat club
  6. wearing a [sweater] with a boat neck
  7. a boat-neck [sweater, blouse, shirt, tee]
  1. boated to the [island, shore, Mediterranean]
  2. boating on the [lake, river, ocean]
  3. boating around [the lake, for fun]
  4. boating along the [river, shore, coast]
  5. boated across the [lake]
  6. boated out [from shore, to the middle]
  7. boated down the [river, stream]
  8. boated through the [storms, reeds, waves]
  9. go boating on a [nice, sunny, clear, warm] day
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