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  1. a bolt of lightning
  2. a bolt of lightning [hit] the [tower, tree, church]
  3. the [tower] was hit by a bolt of lightning
  4. [hit, struck] me like a bolt of lightning
  5. felt [pain, fear, surprise] like a lightning bolt
  6. idiom: was a bolt from the blue
  7. idiom: was a bolt out of the blue
  8. fasten down the (nut and) bolt
  9. a [3/8-inch] bolt
  10. Is this the right size (of) bolt?
  11. cannot find the right size bolt
  12. Tighten (down) the bolt with [a wrench, your hand, your fingers]
  13. a [bag, drawer] full of loose nuts and bolts
  14. The bolt needs to be fastened [tightly, completely].
  15. unscrew the bolt from
  16. The bolts became loose from the [vibration, shaking].
  17. Use bolts to hold [it] [down, in place, together].
  18. was held [down] [with, using] nuts and bolts
  19. Lock the door with a dead bolt.
  20. The door is locked with a dead bolt.
  21. [threw back, slid, fastened] the (door) bolt
  22. made a (quick) bolt for the [door, exit, opening, clearing]
  1. bolt the [door, gate] (securely)
  2. bolt [it] [to the wall, to the floor, down, together]
  3. bolt from the [room, starting gate, building, meeting]
  4. bolt out of [the room]
  5. bolt for the [exit, door, stairs]
  6. (don't) bolt (down) your food
  7. bolted his food down
n as adj
  1. [stood, was standing] bolt upright
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