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  1. [warm, fresh, stale, sliced] bread
  2. [wheat, wholemeal, white, brown, rye] bread
  3. [garlic, flat, pita, banana, French] bread
  4. a [piece, loaf, slice, crust] of bread
  5. make bread [from scratch, by hand, in a mixer]
  6. spread [butter, jam] on (your) bread
  7. bread with [lettuce, cheese, butter]
  8. bread and [wine, cheese, butter]
  9. bread to [eat, share]
  10. bread for [sharing, dipping]
  11. would like another [piece] of bread
  12. [cut, slice] me a piece of bread
  13. break bread [together, with]
  14. bread for [breakfast, dipping, an appetizer]
  15. don't fill up on bread
  16. [math, this game] is my bread and butter
  17. is the best thing since sliced bread
  18. earn your (daily) bread
  19. [journalism, teaching music] is my bread and butter
  20. she knows what side her bread is buttered on
  21. slang: do you have any bread on you?
n as adj
  1. bread [dough, crumbs]
  2. a bread [maker, knife, machine]
  3. a bread [roll, loaf, slice]
  4. bread pudding
  5. bread and butter pudding
  1. bread the [fish, chicken, top]
  2. breaded with [spices, seasoning, herbs]
  3. breaded and [fried, baked, battered, served]
  4. breaded [lightly, by hand]
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