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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. [chocolate, pound, angel food, strawberry, sponge] cake
  2. a [birthday, graduation, wedding] cake
  3. a [layer, layered, tier, tiered] cake
  4. UK: [fairy, butterfly] cakes
  5. choose a wedding cake
  6. [tasted, tried] the cake
  7. (think I) ate too much cake
  8. [bake, make, decorate, frost] a cake
  9. made the cake (from scratch)
  10. put [15] candles on the cake
  11. cut the cake
  12. have cake for dessert
  13. a cake to celebrate her [birthday, graduation]
  14. cake with [coconut, cream, sprinkles]
  15. a recipe for cake
  16. a [slice, piece, helping, serving] of cake
  17. (it's a) piece of cake!
  18. can't have your cake and eat it (too)
  19. the [exam, test] was a piece of cake
  20. that [stunt, goal, comment] really took the cake
  21. they [went, sold] like hot cakes
  22. a cake of [soap, ice, make-up]
n as adj
  1. used cake mix
  2. have a good cake recipe
  3. cake [frosting, decorations]
  4. a cake [stall, knife]
  5. in a cake pan
  1. was caked with [mud, dirt, dust, blood]
  2. was caked in [mud]
  3. his [clothes, pants] were caked in [mud]
  4. the [mud] was caked on
  5. she (really) cakes the makeup on
  6. her makeup was caked on (heavily)
  7. her makeup was caking (up)
  8. the [paint, oil, surface] has caked over
  9. caked and [cracked, dried, matted]
  10. caked onto [the wall, the tires, her hands]
  11. caked around the [edges, rim, top]
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