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  1. a [wedding, birthday, victory, team, religious] celebration
  2. a [national, local, city] celebration
  3. a [weeklong, one-day, weekend, short-lived] celebration
  4. a [simple, quiet, subdued, buoyant, loud] celebration
  5. the celebration of [freedom, women, democracy, peace]
  6. throw a celebration for
  7. This calls for a celebration!
  8. [That's, this is] all the more reason for a celebration!
  9. is a time for celebration and [reflection, joy]
  10. a just cause for celebration
  11. not in the mood for any celebrations
  12. Are you going to join [us for, in] the celebration?
  13. is a celebration of [his life, women's history, our accomplishments]
  14. What's the [reason, cause, occasion] for the celebration?
  15. [embraced, cried, leapt, shouted] in celebration
  16. I don't want to [dampen, ruin] your celebration, but
  17. Their celebration was [cut short, short lived].
n as adj
  1. (organize) a celebration [parade, ceremony, procession]
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