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  1. [an inappropriate, a constructive, a brash] comment
  2. [hurtful, personal] comments
  3. [peer, teacher, professor] comments
  4. an anonymous comment
  5. no comment
  6. [read, see, rate] the posted comment
  7. [submit, receive] comments
  8. post a comment [on, about]
  9. read the comments (under the article)
  10. have a comment to [add, make]
  11. make a comment [to, about]
  12. keep your comments to yourself
  13. didn't ask for (any of) your comments
  14. will take your comments into [consideration, account]
  15. are there any questions or comments?
  16. a comment in [response, reply] to
  17. comments on the new [proposal, plan, scheme]
  18. her [outfit, decision, absence] gave rise to comment
  19. the [play, show, book] is a comment on
  20. the [play] [is, makes] a social comment
n as adj
  1. comment [thread, forum, board]
  1. comment on her [hair, dress]
  2. comment on [the photo, this post]
  3. commenting on [the story, the news, this article]
  4. can you comment on (the) [reports, rumors]
  5. (do not) wish to comment (on)
  6. not worth commenting on
  7. comment [anonymously, freely, in detail]
  8. commenting [negatively, favorably, critically] (on)
  9. commented about the [day, weather, news]
  10. [reviewed, rated] and commented
  11. [declined, refused] to comment
  12. commented to me (that)
  13. commented that
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